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Oct 25, 2020
Hello,My Name is revyy and i play Team Fortress 2 Daily!

Here is My Admin Application!

Name/Nickname: revyy/ Ash in real life.


Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:238823586
Steam 32 ID: 477647173
Steam ID3: U:1:477647173

Online Times and timezone: I am generally online daily from 15:00 to 23:00 IST.I Mostly play at Afternoon and Evening,Also Sometimes at Night.

Do you have a Microphone?: Yes,i do have a microphone,i dont use it much though.

Previous experience in Admin/Mod: I was Admin On A Counter Strike Source Server For 1-2 Months,On Arrow CSS India Community.

What Panda Community servers do you usually play on?: I Usually Play On Panda-Community,2 Fort Server,SG.Here is the IP Address ''.

Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod?: Yes,I Have Quite The Experience with SourceMod.

Why should we choose you?:I am an active player,i play daily,also when i used to moderate on the counter strike source server,i used to detect the cheaters pretty quick,and the hackers are increasing in Panda 2Fort,so,i can quite much identify the hackers and Kick/Ban them (Depending On Their Cheats).

What will you do as Admin?: I Will make sure the players dont mic spam such as playing unnecessary Music and shouting into the mic with Full Gain,and i will take care of the hackers,mute the Mic Spammers,Warn Players to Follow The Rules and Gag players for using curse language.I Will Perform My Best As An Admin!

This Was my Application For The Admin Position!



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Nov 8, 2014

You've had a recent communication block and you don't have the minimum of 3 days playtime . You'll need to wait 1 and a half months and bring up your session times to be able to qualify.
Also this application is poorly written. If you spend time to work on it and read our minimum requirements you would make a fine applicant, but right now it looks grim.

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