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May 5, 2017
- Your name and/or nickname : Jun0

- Your age: 26

- Who gave you permission to apply? Waxel gave the suggestion

- Your SteamID3: [U:1:24497509]

- Your general online times and your timezone
Generally, available 09:00-00:00, will be available during working hours for moderation and reports. Ingame availability is also possible during these hours but 17:30 - 00:00

- Which of our servers do you usually play on and wish to apply for? Would you visit a broader range of servers in case of a report?
Usually, MGE #23 is the most active out of #23 and #07. I will be available to support a wide range of servers as long as I am aware of any specific rules for that server / gamemode.

- Do you have a microphone? (This is a minimum requirement for Jailbreak admins) Yes

- Your previous experience as Admin or Moderator: Yes I have been an admin for other games previously. Was also an A/C Admin trail for ETF2L which I had to step down due to time constraints at the time.

- Do you have experience with administrating with SourceMod? Yes, I am quite familiar with SourceMod.

- Why should we choose you to be part of our team?
I'm a long time active member of Panda's MGE servers and fairly known in the community, due to my experience playing the game and experience with anticheat I can detect cheaters fairly easily even when using harder to detect cheats such as triggerbot and soft aimbot which I see as a valuable skill.
Unfortunately, MGE servers do not have an active admin and reports can sometimes take too long to be acted on. I see this a detrimental to the community as this makes players either leave or an arena being hogged by a cheater. And importantly effects returning players. It also lets the cheaters know they have potential hours of amusement before needing to create a new alt.
I wish to improve the behaviour within these servers and create a better environment for new players. With the nature and ego of MGE, I believe I can steer this part of the game in a better direction, reducing the toxic behaviour and make a better server for both veterans and new players.

- Finally, please briefly explain how you would do your job, e.g. a general overview of your policies and punishments.

Cheating -
Instant permaban

Abusive language -
I believe these will be adjusted, but ultimate punishment will be a perma gag.
While tensions can get high in MGE and abusive chat will be met with a warning. 3 warnings until a timeout. If it is again noticed will be met a with a day ban and increased if the behaviour does not imporve.
Racist or hate speech towards groups - 1 day mute, if the behaviour does not improve 1 week mute and day ban. Increasing. to a 3 month pan and perma gag.

Exploits -
These will need to be adjusted, as providing Perma bans will hurt the server going forward. I believe the max for these bans will be 3 months.

Abusing the ELO exploit will be met with a day ban, this is the type of behaviour that needs to be curbed. - Day ban/week/1 month/3 month
(This can also be checked within server logs for evidence)


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Nov 8, 2014
You'd need the permission of a full gameserver admin, not the suggestion from one.

I have brought this up about twice in MGEs server lifetime about considering dedicated admins for it, but Kevin has said no.
Perhaps a public player suggestion could change Kevin's view on this. That is if you are serious about this.

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