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May 14, 2022
Been getting into the 2Fort server and even donated yesterday, having fun today until an admin started banning and gagging people for little to no reason. Player Dee was muted despite carrying on lively conversation and if admins don't get in check don't see myself sticking around.
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Oct 8, 2017
e) Mic spamming
Playing music, soundboards, singing, screaming, voice changers or sending otherwise non-communicable noises over the microphone is forbidden. Additionally, the admins have the right to mute you if the quality of your microphone is deemed too bad to be understandable, or if your voice is deemed too immature in an annoying way (i.e. “squeaky”).

seems like the mute was perfectly valid for the mic spammer, also since your story and the person in shoutbox is different about dee, I doubt it was anything friendly. maybe read the rules next time :)
if you want to listen to music though there are plenty of programs to do that with, just everyone else doesn't need to hear it :)

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