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Jun 12, 2019
Hey! I'm new here, but all you need to know relating to this thread is that I started playing prophunt in 2014 and it's been one of my favorite game-modes ever since.

Back when prophunt was all I would play, the servers I would spend most of my time on had a plugin that was called goomba stomp. This plugin made it so that you could kill a player by landing on their head from a certain height. Upon successfully completing a goomba stomp a cool sound is played, a text message is displayed, and the goomba stomped player is left utterly humiliated. It's fun and provides no downsides. This feature would apply to both Blue team and Red team.

1. It provides a fun way for seekers to kill a prop that they are suspicious of, yet allows for the player to still move before being killed.
2. It also provides a way for a prop to attempt killing a seeker, although it can be very difficult as it would give away your prop and bring you into the direct point-blank firing range of said player.

It has no drastic effect on the game-play, rather it's just a fun feature that has been on many prophunt servers and that players find amusing. Props still hide and seekers still seek. Props can merely be very risky and attempt a risky landing and seekers can attempt killing a prop in a very cheeky way.

As I said, I'm new here. So I'm not sure if you guys had this in the past and got rid of it or were against it to begin with. Regardless, I would still like to suggest adding it to the server. Personally, nothing's more disappointing than landing on somebody's head and realizing an old habit has backfired on you once again.

Here is a link to the plugin for those interested. It also has clips of the plugin in action, but they aren't very good examples and a few are extremely loud. Goomba stomps that occur in prophunt are much less chaotic.

If you have any experience with prophunt and/or goomba stomp, please provide your opinion and any feedback you might have!
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