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Add round timer ?

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Aug 14, 2015
As you can see you cant really duel in the server because the round never ends and it goes on forever untill somone leaves . Its not fair for the winning player if they have to go somewhere and leave the server
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Captain Caribbean

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Jul 13, 2014
Well, I understand your point of view given the fact that is not quite "funny" playing a dueling against someone with a gigantic score (basically because I've been in this situations xP). Also, it is more frustrating when you're winning and must go but the other one can stay much more time than you do but as @Kmod said, just don't do'em. As I said I used to do them and usually happened what I've just said. The lack of limited time has never been an issue so personally I think that a it isn't strictly necessary even though it would be curious because I have never seen limited time in any mario_kart server I've played in. Just wanted to say my points in favour and against. ^^
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