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May 3, 2020

i made this poll way back in april 6th of 2022 to add back dr_mlg_bearun and dr_aztecan and it has nearly been 8 months for two maps to be added, yet they still haven't been added. ive reached out to an admin to ask kevin about it, aswell did a friend, but it still remains to be added back. i don't imagine its a lengthy task, as the maps haven't been deleted.

if this is due to the controversy from who was voting for the poll, as mentioned by An0n in the post, i'd wish that anyone who believes that still would take a second look at the polls answers and see that those that voted for having the map back have new players, old players, admins, donators, mappers, and players that are in the top 10. so i wouldn't believe that the poll was biased, or manipulated in any unfair way so it would only serve bhoppers or good players.


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Nov 8, 2014
I've messaged @Kevin about this.

As for the voting situation it's nothing to do with that.
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