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Mar 27, 2017
Uh, unless I'm like absolutely stupid; don't the reports for Panda servers have to be on PANDA servers? I don't recall becoming the watermarked community in the lower left hand corner.

And yes, this person is using some sort of client side program, but not on our servers. I don't really know what the policy is towards this, but maybe @Kevin or a full gameserver admin does.
However, how I view it is that Panda should be a fresh start for people who have perms on other communities.

Oh and if this person is doing this on Panda servers, please send a recording of it happening on Panda servers. However I've had issues with other community watermarks being on a totally different community, so this might actually be the case? Maybe some Hightower regulars could shine some light?

Anyways just dropping my opinion.


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Oct 11, 2018
I didn't get to spectate him when he played on Panda servers because I already knew he was a hacker from spectating him previously on other servers, so I don't currently have first person evidence of him playing with hacks on Panda specifically.

Why would he get away with it if he only uses hacks outside the Panda servers? he's a hacker and shouldn't get the chance to play in any servers because you never know when he decids to turn them on without anyone realizing it. I've seen so many people think he is just "too good" but no one took their time to spectate him, he knows where everyone is behind walls and instantly headshots them when he peeks, Plus he's probably abusing some cl_interp setting that makes all of his stabs really weird. he can backstab people when he's clearly in front of them.

If I had the chance to go through the demofile of the Panda server I wouldn't have any issues to get footage of him using these hacks, but I don't know if it's possible to view the demofile for non-admins.
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Jan 2, 2015
he's a hacker and shouldn't get the chance to play in any servers because you never know when he decids to turn them on without anyone realizing it.
I have a lot of trouble with that kind of logic. Because nothing is preventing a user who isn't a known cheater to turn on hacks without anybody realizing. Of course it's less likely that they will do so but we can't ban users by chance.
In previous cases we always decided to only ban people who use their cheats on our servers, changing that policy now could be considered unfair.
But thank you for raising awareness, I will make sure to spectate him when I get the chance and I'm positive other admins/users will do the same. I assure you that if he is indeed using cheats on our servers he will be banned soon.
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