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Apr 23, 2013
  • fixed a bug where players could rejoin red team mid round by reconnecting to the server.
  • fixed a bug where the server's description would not update correctly if the server moved to a non-arena map.
  • fixed a bug where user interface elements would rapidly flash when a user viewed the scoreboard.
  • fixed a bug where the hidden could use pounce to leave certain spawn rooms before the round had started.
  • fixed the arena end round screens not displaying valid information.
  • fixed a bug where the hidden's cloak would drain before the round was active.
  • fixed a bug where the hidden would cloak during taunts.
  • fixed a bug where sometimes assisted suicides wouldn't be considered by the next hidden selection system.Game-play Changes
    • removed the next_hidden command.
      • now if the hidden is killed by a player of red the killer is the next hidden. otherwise the hidden is a random selection (excluding the last player to play as the hidden).
      • observed a few cases where server admins were abusing this to allow a select group of people to play as the hidden.
    • provide the hidden with a large on screen prompt informing the player of their boo and pounce/sticking ability.
    • implemented restoring a client's last class after their life as the hidden (rather than just defaulting to soldier).
    • modified the hidden's boo ability.
      • now applies a bleed effect to affected targets.
      • affected targets are propelled forwards and slightly upwards.
      • this potentially allows the hidden to "deal" with players who, for example, sit in corners.
    • modified the hidden's sticking ability.
      • now when a the hidden sticks to a surface he remains stuck until attack2 is pressed again.
      • this has the effect of allowing the hidden to stick to any surface (including ceilings) and face to wait for targets before jumping to them.
      • this also allows the hidden to chain jumps together by sticking to surfaces.
    • modified the hidden's pounce ability.
      • reduced the cool-down between jumps.
      • slightly decreased overall the power of the jumps.
      • this allows for more frequent and more controllable jumps.
    • blocked the following items
      • Bonk! Atomic Punch
      • The Huo Long Heater
      • The Sandvich
      • The Festive Sandvich
      • The Robo-Sandvich
      • The Fishcake
      • The Dalokohs Bar
      • The Buffalo Steak Sandvich
      • The Holiday Punch
    • the hidden no longer instantly gains health upon kill but instead regenerates health.
      • the hidden regenerates a percentage of the total health used to heal per kill over a period of 10 seconds.
      • if the hidden gets another kill during a period when he is still regenerating, he heals at the same rate for longer (rather than quicker).
    • reduced the time which is the hidden is made visible for when set on fire.
      • pyro is still disabled by default.
    • optimised user interface elements.
      • made the hidden health indicator blend smoothly between green to red relative to their current health.
      • also made coloured health indication visible everyone, not just the hidden.
      • hide certain elements when they are not informative.
    • made the hidden visible when he wins a round.
      • now players can see the swag he wore to kill them.
    • disabled sniper by default.
      • can be enabled by server admins with sm_hidden_sniper_allow 1.
      Plugin Operation Changes
      • add "hidden" to server tags when the plugin is running, this allows players to easily search for servers running the mod.
      • the plugin now handles transitions to and from non-arena maps more elegantly."


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Oct 4, 2012
the hidden updated, everything should work now better and that rejoin thing is hopefully not anymore possible

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