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Nov 12, 2016
I'm a 2Fort fellow whos always playing the map for some hours per day. So your Server became my favorit a long time ago. Most of the time, it was a good experience and had a lot of fun, but hackers, chat/voice spam, scam etc. increased to an unbelivibal high ammount.

There is almost no day with out any cheaters, or people who advertising hacks, for e.g. (LMABOX - get good get LMABOX, sth. like that), people use smart makros on there keyboard to spam the chat full of crap... It became anoying.

Your server admins are almost good in time to solve such problems, and i cant say anything bad about them. But sometimes, there is nobody you can call or it become anoying to the admins because people call them to often. So wouldnt it be good to have somebody in your community who could solve such situations directly? Not by banish them out spreading the justice and rules of the server to the necomers.

You are looking for admins, not on this map, but i think it needs one more...
So can this 19 german (timezone) guy apply for the position as admin for the people of 2fort?

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Apr 19, 2014
Go to Admin Applications if you want to apply for admin.

There is no way admins can monitor every single server at all times, that's impossible. So, ask the server to report the crap out of the troublemakers and an admin will guaranteed come over.


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Aug 14, 2013
Alternatively, you should report persistent rulebreakers on the forums.


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Nov 19, 2015
I apologize for the problems that are currently happening in the server. I will always be on the server when i can but please be mindful that i go to college so i can't be online 24/7.

As suggested above, if you have any issues regarding other players. Please make a report :)

Thank you.
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