versus saxton hale

  1. Oskar Dietz


    Hello, I want to report a problem with an especific map on VSH server. The map is rats_office, which for some reason, long time ago looks like got fail textures. I think this is not only a one person problem, because last times I nominate this map people or leave the server or made comments like...
  2. UberMedicFully

    Update Announce for Saxton Hale

    Hello peeps, there will be a Update coming soon for the Versus Saxton Hale in the #05 Server. Just wanted to give a heads up, as I've noticed that the Server is quite inactive nowadays, I think people got bored of it and lost hope that there won't be any Updates in the future. The changes that...
  3. UberMedicFully

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Changes to vsh_weapon_storage

    Hi, I'm suggesting the removal of the water on Weaponstorage, it only encounters delaying and leads to teamkilling. Theres not much to say than telling you that It's a really bad feature. Outdated now, read Kruphixx's post at the bottom!
  4. UberMedicFully

    Completed [VSH] Some VSH changes i would like to implent

    Hi, these are the changes that i would like to implent to VSH. Give every Boss Airblast reduction, every Boss would get 30% Airblast vulnerability reduction but HHH would get 50% as he's a Teleport Boss. Give every Boss in general 40% knockback reduction, CBS doesnt have this as an example but...
  5. UberMedicFully

    Completed [VSH] Add Megaheal to bosses upon rage.

    Hi, after talking to Madact its better of making a suggestion so here i am. I would like to give every boss in VSH the Quickfix Ubercharge (Megaheal) which gives the Player no knockback, the duration would be set to 3.5 seconds. The duration can be changed if turns out to be too good.
  6. UberMedicFully

    Completed [FF2/VSH] some RTD perk ideas

    Infinite Charge For Demoman Ally Speedboost Like the Concheror speedboost, the range would be 450 Hammer Units. Probably not the best RTD perk but it could become useful in some situations Strength Instead of taking more damage like Weakened in RTD, you take less damage Medieval A better...
  7. m1.exe

    Declined New hales

    Hello, when i started playing the custom mode VS Saxton Hale (VS) there more bosses but here i noticed that there's only 5... so i have a suggestion so we could make a variety i hope of bosses =]. Cuddly Heavy Painis Cupcake TF2 Announcer There were more bosses like Ninja spy, Demopan...
  8. Geronimo

    Versus Saxton Hale or Freak Fortress 2 ???????

    Ok, it's not Panda VSH or Panda FF2. It's VSH as a gamemode or FF2 as a gamemode. thank you for your vote have a nice day