1. Kevin

    Happy New Year 2019!

    Hi Pandas, first of all i wish you all a happy new year and i'd like to thank everyone who supported and helped us last year and especially our @Gameserver Admin's aswell as the @Trial Gameserver Admin's and @Ron for the continuous support. Not everything has been running smoothly in 2018...
  2. ❂ D∀DDY

    Here's Daddy!

    Hey what's up, i'm more commonly known as ❂ D∀DDY in Panda's dodgeball servers. I was also known as either ❂ ∀nthony, ∀nthony or just Anthony. And yes, I have a very unique, "sexual" username. A lot of people ask me why I have my name as Daddy, and I changed it some time around September-October...
  3. Semicolon Backslash

    Panda hunger games

    Hello, welcome to the panda community unofficial (mostly admins) hunger games. Here we have in the image below all the contestants. This will be updated daily until someone wins. I guess you could predict/bet on who will win. First day will be posted tomorrow.
  4. Geronimo

    MLG Sniper Voiceline Shusher

    This is NOT a request for Kevin, this is something you can put in the files yourself. Okay after talking to @P N N about some stuff, I decided to "make" a way to get rid of all of MLG Sniper's earrape by editing his sound files. If you do not know how or where the file goes, that is your fault...
  5. Brick

    Favorite Pokemon??

    All templates allowed: 1, top 5, top 10, top 800 etc. 1.Weavile 2.Staraptor 3.Toxapex 4.Mimikyu 5.Froslass 6.Gliscor 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) As you can see, i like the gen 4.
  6. Goliath

    How to draw a panda in 4 easy steps

    Easy tutorial about how to draw easily a panda: Enjoy drawing!
  7. Sudden

    Accepted Delete my gag/mute record.

    SourceBans Ban URL: Name of your Banned Steam Account: Sudden Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25358528 Date and Time of the Ban: 04-13-17 06:32 Reason about the Ban: Insult players Admin that Banned you: Squall Why should...
  8. Sudden

    Declined Prevent Stealing on Dodgeball

    Main idea: Players should lose [GameME] points for stealing. The servers have been upgraded so that admins can slay the stealer much easier than before. This has helped cut down on stealing, especially while admins are on. However, stealing can still get pretty bad at some points. Players on...
  9. Sudden

    Completed No Begging Rule

    When playing on Panda servers, occasionally some players will join, sit in spec, and send out trade requests to each player on the server begging for items. Example: ShadowRune26: hi can you give me a item 12:52:33 PM ShadowRune26: pls i'm poor 12:52:39 PM ShadowRune26 STEAM_0:0:175594898...
  10. Sudden Invitation code

    May I have a code please? @Kevin @Ron
  11. Sudden

    Completed What emoticons/emojis would you like to see?

    This is a continuation of my previous thread: Kev said he may add emoticons/emojis based on our recommendations. Please post what you want added, either by image or link. I will compile all suggestions into one post...
  12. Sudden

    Shoutbox needs more emoticons

  13. Sudden

    Selling Killstreak Kits

    TRADE OFFER LINK: Killstreak Chargin' Targe Kit Diamondback Kit Vaccinator Kit (x2) Huo-Long Heater Kit Loose Cannon Kit (x3) Flare Gun Kit Baby Face's Blaster Kit Machina Kit Bazaar Bargain Kit Direct Hit Kit Eureka...
  14. Sudden


    Hello I am Sudden. I play Dodgeball on |24/7 Dodgeball| ( Sometimes I will play dodgeball on the other servers if nobody is on the 24/7 server. My girlfriend (Rainbowz) usually plays there with me as well. We are both really bad, but we have a good time. If you see me...
  15. Sudden


    Are the Panda Dodgeball servers still running YADP? What are the settings? My friend is trying to set up a private server for us to practice on when the Panda servers have too many players, but he downloaded some weird version that doesn't feel the same.
  16. [MLP]Trainfan23CH

    Let´s Play together with @Kev1507

    Hello everyone! I´m new here in this forum and want to show my Youtube Video from September, 15, 2016. This Video is my first Let´s Play Together with @Kev1507. @Kev1507 is my Best Friend and this Server is his favourite Server! I say now the Feedback from him to you! :-) Have Fun Watching...
  17. Kevin

    Background/Design for another Project

    Hellow, so since @Ron and me decided to re-work the current and with more functions and a new design we're currently unsure what kind of background we should use for it so i came to the conclusion to maybe ask some peps here in the forums to get some...