1. Autismo

    Awaiting Feedback [VSH?/FF2] retweak the Bootlegger to be like the mantreads and the ullapool caber to a market gardener

    Currently the sticky jumper serves no purpose other than being a niche weapon choice in certain maps with many full heal kits for nothing but delaying due to the fact that demoman has much better options like the quickiebomb launcher (projectile based sniper rifle by using taunt crits) or the...
  2. UberMedicFully

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Add Sewers Final

    Add this map, a big masterpiece. https://gamebanana.com/mods/74171
  3. Ham

    Awaiting Feedback [FF2] Painis Cupcake Buff

    We all know him, and we all love him. It's Painis Cupcake! a well known freak that's pretty underpowered when compared to some other bosses. My suggestion is simple, buff him to a similar level to other freaks while adding some variety rather than just a Ubercharge with a speed bonus on rage...
  4. Cream Tea

    Declined [FF2] Add Gangplank

    This is a classic boss. Download Link: http://rbc.site.nfoservers.com/RavensBro%20Bosses/gangplank_2.zip
  5. Kruphixx

    Completed [VSH/FF2] Replace vsh_military_area with vsh_militaryzone (attempt 2)

    Original suggestion: https://www.panda-community.com/threads/ff2-vsh-add-vsh_militaryzone_v3-or-replace-vsh_military_area_b1-with-it.28521/ (Militaryzone was never added back, completely forgot to tell Kevin about it :pepega:) I'd like to suggest replacing military_area with militaryzone, I...
  6. Kruphixx

    Completed [VSH/FF2] Remove vsh_teul_rc3

    Map screenshot below so everyone knows which map I'm talking about. Okay so the main reason why I think it should be removed is because this map is almost completely unplayable for bosses (at least on FF2, I'm not sure if it's broken on VSH too). At the bottom of the map there's a...
  7. UberMedicFully

    Pending [FF2] Demopan Nerf?

    Hi, I want to suggest two possibilities to nerf Demopan. first thing I would like to suggest is to make him take a specific amount of damage when he charged. second thing I would like to suggest is making him use a amount of rage when he charged.
  8. UberMedicFully

    Pending [FF2 Only] Class Rush | New Thread

    So, after several months of not working on it, I think there isnt much more i could do to it. It took me quite a bit of thinking of what is missing but there is really nothing left. Suggesting this Class Rush Event made by me for FF2 from scratch. What is this Event about? It gives the not...
  9. UberMedicFully

    Completed [FF2] Boss Removal

    Hi, I'm suggesting a removal for these bosses: Fedorable Foxy Koishi Komeiji Raptor Spy Why? Fedorable A reskin of Mlg Spy, GentleSpy and Mimicer. Foxy There is really nothing exciting about him. Koishi Quite a joke, why even have her here, a annoying cloak boss that isnt special in any way...
  10. Kruphixx

    Completed [VSH/FF2] Remove vsh_encampment_a1

    ^ Screenshot of the map so people know which map I'm talking about. I'd like to suggest removal of this map. The map is very large which means rounds can sometimes take ages unless the hale just rushes at reds instantly. It's overall poorly designed and has a lot of visual issues...
  11. Kruphixx

    Completed [FF2] Potential replacements for Sonic.exe?

    Hello, I'd like to suggest four potential replacements for the Sonic.exe boss since he's disliked by many people. I'm gonna keep the poll for this up for a bit longer since new bosses aren't a priority now I guess. Scout.exe First potential replacement, also an .exe boss but he's an actual...
  12. UberMedicFully

    Completed [FF2] Epic Scout Abilities

    Hi, This was a suggested Boss by @Darky, I also had this guy delayed by quite a few months due of reasons I struggled at making which I just scrapped at the end and removed it. Epic Scout Health Formula (((575+n)*n)^1.04) Melee Damage 179 Max Speed 410 HU Abilities A Menu Rage with 3...
  13. M

    Completed [FF2/VSH] From Hakurei_Shrine to Hakurei_Winter

    To keep it short, This map is a direct upgrade from the original vsh_Hakurei_Shrine_v3. Apart from the snowy weather, the map also provides fog, thus sniping from across the map and spotting hale and his ambush becomes immensely more difficult. The original map lacks variety and decor which...
  14. Maddox

    Declined [FF2] New Boss Suggestions "Bowser" and "Rudol Von Stroheim"

    Bowser His Abilities: Class: Heavy Weapon: Eviction Notice Charge Ability: Super Jump Any other special abilities: Can use a slam attack by jumping into the air and then radical falling back on the ground, knocking back and damaging nearby players (SPECIAL Key to activate) Rage: -Gains...
  15. Kruphixx

    Pending [FF2] Hatsune Miku suggestions

    oh boy, another ff2 suggestion zzz I'd like to suggest some potential changes to Hatsune Miku since she's a pretty weak boss right now. I think the biggest issue with this boss is the knockback. Not only she can get knocked around a lot because the boss is a scout class, but none of the...
  16. Kruphixx

    Pending [FF2] Engineers Nerfs

    People complain about Engineer every day, mainly the knockback, and I think it's finally time to suggest some potential solutions. Sentry Knockback Sentry knockback is definitely the biggest issue right now, I already talked to UberMedicFully about this but he's not sure how to reduce it iirc...
  17. M

    Completed [FF2/VSH] vsh_granturks_v5

    CopyPaste from Gamebanana: Hello, This is a project of mine that took quite some time to finish. This is a restyled, revamped and immensely improved version of the original granturks_b4 by Falki. I`ll let the screenshots speak for themselves, but I`ll also mention the most important changes...
  18. Kruphixx

    Declined [FF2] Remove starting Uber from Medics

    As you may know, Medics start with 40% Uber by default on each round in FF2 which I think is kinda dumb considering how fast Medics can already build their uber, either with crossbow or ubersaw. Medigun also has an increased uber build rate. My suggestion is to simply remove the starting uber.
  19. Kruphixx

    Completed [VSH/FF2] vsh_reservoir suggestions

    Hi, I'd like to suggest some changes to vsh_reservoir to maybe make it a bit more fair for hales. Let me know if you disagree with any of these changes, I'd rather not poll up every single change. Make the water a non-build zone so engineers can't abuse underwater knockback with their sentries...
  20. M

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Map suggestion - Vsh Lowland

    Hello, This is my "first" proper map creation rather than a map edit and I wanted to give it a try and see what you lads and ladies will think It`s a small, basic layout, boxed in arena type which some may find has a resemblance to military_area, a map that did inspire my work- on Lowland These...