1. foxnimation

    Deathrun - more deaths exploit

    I'm not sure if I should post it here or somewhere else. I think there's some kind of exploit which allows people to spawn as blu, resulting in many activators. It's getting worse because they apparently spawn wherever they want and they can appear on red's side of the map. This exploits kinda...
  2. R

    Why isn't the Deathrun NY server up at certain times in the day?

    Hi everyone, So I have been playing the Panda-Community Deathrun NY server for the past week or so a lot, but in the morning I just can't see the Deathrun NY server. Is there a reason for this I don't know? Or is it some weird glitch only I have? I can see the TX Deathrun Server but not the NY...
  3. El Capitan

    Is the Deathrun's bhop "broken"?

    I had some problems yesterday with bhoping on the Dr server. I can get pretty fast but after a while it just completly dies down, usually during a strafe when I change direction. Is there some change to the code, is it bugged, or am I dreaming and just become bad? Or is it a implemented so...
  4. Shadow_hive

    No Points on DR

    I don´t recive any Points in DR, also all my statistics haven´t counted
  5. Rocky Star21

    Rocky Star21 says Hi! :D

    Hello, i'm Rocky Star21 I really like this community, ever sense I saw it but i'll probaby mostly play deathrun because I just enjoy deathrun a lot lol, I like it so much because I first joined back in 2013 and loved deathrun ever sense! :D
  6. |>3/\T|-| Pootis Spencer

    Invalid Deathrun ==== Admin Application

    Hello, this is my first ever admin application. I haven't worked for any server ever. And I play this server so much, I decided I start my career here. Anyways, here we go. My name and/or nickname I like going by Pootis and my real name is Connor. Your Age 11. I can see this could be a huge...
  7. Spades

    Accepted Admin Application

    - Your name and/or nickname My name is Ibrahim. I go by Spades in video games. - Your age Seventeen years old - Your Steam32 ID (this is not simply a profile link. Look up what it is and how to get it; simply posting what you think it is makes you seem unprofessional) STEAM_0:1:76783517 - Your...
  8. MegaVolcanoCreeper

    Declined Admin application for Deathrun 09 server (40 Rank) (MY USERNAME IS NOT MEGAVOLCANOCREEPER)

    Hello, I'm Plubu. I've been playing your deathrun server for like 2 Years now, I wanna be an admin for Deathrun #09 server and i'm rank 40-41. Info incoming : Name/Nickname: Plubu, Real name Fahad Age: 16 Steam2 ID: STEAM_0:0:61122682 Online Times and timezone: Maybe around 2 Hours a day...
  9. Seelkadoom

    Was this speed-increasing thing intended?

    I was trying some awkward movements and all of a sudden I pulled this off. It's pretty difficult to do it consistently but if you do it right, you'll gain a great amount of speed just like the bhop before the last one. you have to time a perfect crouch just exactly before landing after each jump...
  10. Kevin

    News Changelog 17.02.2016

    updated Deathrun to a newer Redux (DR1+2 and USA) updated Slender Fortress 2 migrated the USA FF2 to the new Server ->
  11. Kevin

    News Changelog 15.02.2016

    USA: migrated the Slender Fortress 2 Server migrated the Deathrun Server added an new Prophunt Server General: added tfdb_campout_a2 and tfdb_spookylava_a8 to DB 1+2 and USA updated SourceBans (now supports fully ID3)