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  1. Ranger Ciri

    Declined Remove dr_lazytown

    Lately seen more people unhappy about this map so I thought I'd give this suggestion a shot (since I personally have always disliked this map). Generally this map is built off of annoying sounds/music and a few earrape traps where it gets very loud, to the point where I'd almost recommend you...
  2. Ranger Ciri


    I haven't seen any recent thread directly bringing this up so I thought I'd do it, can we please have the radio fixed already? It's almost been a year or something @Kevin
  3. Ranger Ciri

    Selling Unusuals for sale

    Hello everyone! I am selling some very fine unusuals. Just send me a message or add me or at and we can discuss there. Aces High Brotherhood of Arms - 40 keys Vivid Plasma Vive La France - 65 keys Power Surge German Gonzila - 20 keys (spell: voices...
  4. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted freekillin

    when im sixty four STEAM_0:1:51455103 freekills 1st video shows him lying about the projectile going through me when it clearly didn't, he didn't really seem to care about freekilling the person either on the 2nd vid I get tricked n freekilled but I believe he did kill himself after, but it's...
  5. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted ghosting hello?

    Current Steam name. uchias60 SteamID (Unique ID on GameME). STEAM_1:1:59093670 The rule or rules they broke. ghosting The evidence that they broke the rule or rules above.
  6. Ranger Ciri


    deathrun map, made by the same creators as dr_egypt I believe. The humiliation part is kinda messed up, it's pretty much someone saying the lines of that video of keem talking about alex saying the n word numerous times. I was just wondering if this is allowed/okay to have on panda
  7. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted Administrator Application for Deathrun #09

    - Your name and/or nickname Ranger Ciri, I usually go by Ciri. - Your age 17 - Your Steam32 ID STEAM_1:0:49030523 - Your general online times and your timezone UTC +02:00 I'm online just about everyday, I'll manage to come on and take care of stuff for a bit if needed, aslong as I'm online...
  8. Ranger Ciri

    Declined Give NY JB as many player slots as EU

    Since NY JB has a lot of players and is usually full, we might aswell just up the player slots to 32 instead of 24 (like the EU server). It'd be more fun with more players and most importantly, less chances of waiting minutes to join and having to check if there's an extra slot (since clicking...
  9. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted ghosting

    STEAM_1:0:183467662 current steam name: Inkticious (pretty much saying a person had ammo) chatlogs shows he said it was ''an accident'' (pretty much confirming it happened, to back up my evidence)
  10. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted player report

    name: Inkticious (STEAM_0:0:183467662) ghosting (this link just proves that the picture was actually him saying it and not...
  11. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted Toxicity and racist

  12. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted want to get rid of a mute from my history + lower my mute time

    SourceBans Ban URL: Panda Community SourceBans Name of your Banned Steam Account: [T-H-C-C] Ciri (when the gag happened my name was only Ciri) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49030523 Date and Time of the Ban...
  13. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted Two time got banned

    SourceBans Ban URL: Name of your Banned Steam Account: [T-H-C-C] Ciri Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49030523 Date and Time of the Ban: 11-13-17 17:23, 4 hours Reason about the Ban: Call abuse Admin that...
  14. Ranger Ciri

    Declined Add /servers?

    there's only !servers and I don't see a problem with adding the /servers command (to those that don't know when you type in a command with ''/'' infront it won't be visible for others)
  15. Ranger Ciri

    Declined Rebel status for picking up ammo

    This is just a terrible idea imo. I'm quite sure any regulars can agree because the point is to sorta sneak away, grab ammo and either try to come back and act normal or to do some ambush or something but when it's how it is now you can't do much, freedays can easily be killed by guards with...
  16. Ranger Ciri

    Completed /servers

    Is there any way we could have "/servers" as a command, working the same as "!servers" (just not visible in chat)
  17. Ranger Ciri

    Question about the command ''go to''

    Question to the administators of Jailbreak or any regulars on the jailbreak servers, if the warden says ''go to the yellow line'' and you crouch walk, should you really be killed for ''delaying''? The command ''go to'' doesn't exactly specify that you can't crouch walk so I'd just like to see...
  18. Ranger Ciri

    Completed About the JB rules

    I was kinda wondering, wouldn't it be better if we had the old rules but with some changes? As far as I see it there's not much of a difference that's very noticable, just that the ones we have now specify just about everything bringing it up to 3 pages which sorta causes a problem to new...
  19. Ranger Ciri

    Problems connecting to some servers

    Only happens to some panda servers for me and has happened to some of my lads where it just says ''Disconnected: Dropped to due to slot reservation'' even when the server isn't full. I've tried restarting the game and it doesn't always work Need help :/
  20. Ranger Ciri

    Accepted Racist person

    Steam name: Wazelin Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:63270524 Rules broken: Racism Evidence: Chatlog