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    map removal cp_all

    Petition to remove all cp maps from the jump server. Most of them were made before "real" jump maps became a thing and are mostly just really bad. Which wouldn't be a problem if people would actually read the vote menu but nobody does and then it's mostly 3 or 4 cp maps in a row where half of...
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    need administration

    as the title says, class warfare is in serious need of an entitled admin the plugin is buggy as hell, spawning people outside the map etc ( which is a problem of the creator, not of panda admins, just wanted to say) the biggest problem is that now 90% of the players know how to crash the server...
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    Servus, I'm Mösl, 22 year old guy from Austria. Maybe some people will remember me from the old BoG JB server. I main the class warfare server and will wonder forever why madact removed me from her friends and never told me why :(