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  1. Djusan

    Declined i forgot why i was gagged again :L

    Back in november you asked me how to lift your perma gag. I replied and you were able to type again. It took only two weeks for you to be gag again, to me it's obvious that you didn't learn. First appeal's here , your post-ungag chatlogs says it all. I'm not a full admin but I'm against your...
  2. Djusan

    What time do people play dodgeball?

    I find ppl more active on #19 lately tbh, it's true #4 was "the" dodgeball server for a time, but since few month I find his "blank time" each day longer and longer ^^ But yeah, dodgeball is fun, just try it when you find a serv with 6 or 8 person, this is the most interesting to play with in...
  3. Djusan

    Pending tfdb_hexagon_a1

    I personnaly hate this map, and octa too, I need space and when you're like, 10 players, it's mayhem here ^^ But yeah, most of players love this map, maybe because we play on it 20/24h? (Stockholm Syndrome in my opinion :p )
  4. Djusan

    Pending tfdb_hexagon_a1

    We can also just remove hexagon tho *whistle* (Tbh, this is serious, we already have octagon, hexa is just octa but smaller and with an exploit)
  5. Djusan

    Welcome to the orange team!

    Welcome to the orange team!
  6. Djusan

    Pending Adding a new map to jump server

    Hello everyone! Suggesting to add the jump_home_v2 to all our jump servers, great map in my opinion, easy to start, less easy to finish :) I don't want to play jump_jurf all day long :p Players who play on jump servers must already know this map, it's a long map but very good! You can find...
  7. Djusan

    wellcome to 2020

    Heya :), happy new year too!
  8. Djusan

    Welcome back Bro :D

    Welcome back Bro :D
  9. Djusan

    Accepted Admin app #3

    As I said in private, you're more than welcome to take your admin spot back. Of course you'll need more activity right now, this is why I'll stay neutral for now, but I have no problem in the future to change it for a positive answer :) You helped me a lot when I started being a trial, you...
  10. Djusan

    Happy B-Day! :D

    Happy B-Day! :D
  11. Djusan

    Declined report?

  12. Djusan

    Declined report?

    Month ago, before his gag, irrevealant. Stop here now.
  13. Djusan

    Declined report?

    As I said, he's fooling around with Abby and I, as a joke. 4 sentences, with max 3 words in caps is not seen as a caps spam.
  14. Djusan

    Declined report?

    Spamming is when you write same stuff all along, or unuseful sentences. He's just fooling around but it's not a big deal, that's a friendly way to write. I don't see an overuse of caps here, he might have done some full caps sentences but shorts one, with a big delay in time. And for the toxic...
  15. Djusan

    Accepted StephanGH ungag appeal

    Can confirm, he did apologize to me, and I did accept his apology. (Thanks @Waxel for making our chat possible ::): ) He's trying as hard as he can to redeem himself, imo it deserves at least a second chance. I know it's a bit difficult because lighty is gone, but if you decide to lift his...
  16. Djusan

    Ban - Bad Spray Logo

    It's my bad, I talked to @Waxel about it, I only removed the spray but I don't know why, you got an automatic ban. You spray was NSFW, that's why I removed it, but I never wanted to ban you, I'm sorry. @Waxel or @Absinthe can you remove the ban please? Reminder, you're not allowed to use a NSFW...
  17. Djusan

    Declined stealing & blocking

    @Absinthe @Waxel
  18. Djusan

    Declined stealing & blocking

    Can you give us the important tick please? Your demo is very long, if you're using demos, try making them shorter (5 minutes is good enough imo) or at least provide the tick numbers :)
  19. Djusan

    The Two Thirdpersons

    Can't help here, I never use TP but i'm interested in the answer ::):
  20. Djusan


    You can read how to apply as an admin here ! (Wrong section to post this) You first need to read this "The minimum age for applying is 15. If you are younger than this but are very sure you are mature enough and can do it, you may PM one of our admins and ask for permission to apply." Good...