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    What was your experience after joining ANY Jailbreak server for the first time?

    I think that was me lol, Astolfo should always be illegal. As for me, it was on jail_WIP here on Panda and I remember "sneaking" out (blues probably just didn't see me) and I ran around before just getting killed by a random blue. I then failed to complete the strafe, and started to look for...
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    Declined [Jailbreak] Add jb_chretien_remastered_final

    People couldn't wait to get rid of this map a year ago and now they want it back? Even if it wasn't a buggy mess it was too big, the mini games were very meh, and it's just plain boring to play. Jail_WIP wasn't good but at least had memes, this one isn't fun and is boring to look at/ play.
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    Ew lime

    Ew lime
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    GL on your app, this time you don't have my oversensitive ears bleeding from a micron of gain on...

    GL on your app, this time you don't have my oversensitive ears bleeding from a micron of gain on your mic going against you!
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    Hnlo smi

    Hnlo smi
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    lol cringelord bday

    lol cringelord bday
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    Declined Change the "Opening Cells before warden gives orders" rule

    Which is really lame, freedays for all are rarely chosen and it's fairly rare for it to happen often. If it does wardens usually give that order and the offender is banned. I don't think this needs to be a change as it will only hinder reds who want to rebel and it's hard enough for them anyways.
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    Declined Get rid of BLU crits (Atleast for the guards, warden can have it)

    Again? uuuuuggggggghhhhhhhhh I actually like the idea of it being an LR, would actually encourage the usual rebellers to play the round to make rebelling easier later. But honestly, can we please stop asking this? This post comes up every 3 months and the exact same thing happens with the exact...
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    Heyyo, I'm muds.

    ^The thing above is cringe (@Zee Pee <3) Hi, I'm RCT, welcome to panda! You can appeal you ban here and make sure to follow the template. All the evidence you'll need is to show that you don't have an NSFW spray anymore and you should be good.
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    @Bananawastaken how is it that your most listened to genre is underground hip hop but literally everything on your list is about as mainstream as it gets?
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    Declined Homer's Unmute Report

    For starters, you posted your trade link instead of your bans link there. While I appreciate the openness, at this point I'm not in the trading scene any more. Here are you actual bans As...
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    Jailbreak Map Awards 2021

    I disagreed and was trying to make a dumb joke that fell flat on its face
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    Jailbreak Map Awards 2021

    Being green doesn't make you smart
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    RCT: Resigning Coffee Table

    I guess I'm adding myself to the line of people resigning from the admin team these past few weeks, to the delight of many a jb player. Being an admin on JB was something I've wanted to be for ages and I'm glad I got the chance and I've really enjoyed this past year on the team. It's been...
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    It's been a nice experience

    Small thing I dislike in Italy Fair well Waxel, a loss for panda but I wish you the best in what comes ahead.
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    Declined Racer911-1 Admin Application for US Jailbreak

    Hey Racer, It looks like the new trials are trying to take my title as the essay writer on the jb team, so I guess I have to do something about that. Due to our schedules not really ever lining up (doesn't help that this is the middle of midterm season for me), I haven't really seen you on too...
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    The best of the CallAdmin