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  1. Kevin

    Completed [DR] Update dr_neco_arc to v1b

    updated, thank you.
  2. Kevin

    Declined [DR] mlg_bearrun_extended_v1afix2

    based on the poll result declined.
  3. Kevin

    Completed [DR] Update dr_fandomino_v3c1 to v3e

    updated, thanks.
  4. Kevin

    Completed [DR] update dr_sonic_exe_remade to v2e

    updated, thanks.
  5. Kevin

    Completed [DR] Update dr_cybertower to v4

    updated, thanks.
  6. Kevin

    Completed [DR] update forgotten origin from v2b to v2bfix

    updated, thanks.
  7. Kevin

    Completed [DR] update simulacrum from v2b to v2bfix

    updated, thanks.
  8. Kevin

    Completed [DR] Dr_hill_billy

  9. Kevin

    Completed [DR] LA Meltdown

  10. Kevin

    Completed [DR] Add dr_sudatory

  11. Kevin

    Pending Add a !whelp command.

  12. Kevin

    Invalid Edd's ban appeal for Proxy IP
  13. Kevin

    Declined dont ban people from all your servers for breaking the rules made specifically for one gamemode

    thats how our ban system works and thats also how it works in 99% of the other community servers. example - if you cheat on 2fort we should only ban you from the other 2fort servers? doesnt make sense right if you think your ban was made unjustified then appeal it.
  14. Kevin

    Declined [DR] Add a 48 hours cooldown to maps

    like said above from @Fairy this wouldnt work out good. i also dont see the point in restricting it for 48 hours - seems a bit excessive
  15. Kevin

    Completed [EU 2FORT] Remove 32 players

    done - i've reverted it back to 24 + 4 reserved slots
  16. Kevin

    Pending Add a !whelp command.

    like i said we can simply make a short url like the rules.
  17. Kevin

    Pending Add a !whelp command.

    rules are also forum only so there can be aswell simply a reminder message like with rules.
  18. Kevin

    Pending Add a !whelp command.

    instead of creating another plugin for this approach it'd be better if the forward /whelp - !whelp simply opens a html motd referring to a forum article imo?
  19. Kevin

    Panda Community Music Thread

  20. Kevin

    People receiving their Donator.

    we'll discuss this internally further how we'll proceed with @Ron and perhaps @Stabbin jumping aswell into the project. hence i'll lock the thread @Cowboy recieved aswell more info regarding this topic.