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  1. Skiffa

    Good editing software

    Hi! I want to make some neat animation artworks for my steamprofile. So what is good software for that? Would be lovely if it is free. I like madact's pie
  2. Skiffa

    Music in motherlanguage

    Alright! , lets have another music thread, but this time, we post music in own motherlanguage.
  3. Skiffa

    Selling Artworks for 2ref

    Doing artworks with SFM and (wallpapers, banners, profile pictures etc.) Examples: Something for bronies as well.
  4. Skiffa

    I want to play game

    Hello, Pandas, I want to play a game. It's similar to the game you play as a cheater, the game of giving hope to the desperate. I think we can agree that your situation is desperate, so I'm going to offer you hope. You see the gun one bullet in it, front of you. Will you murder a your best panda...
  5. Skiffa

    Selling Selling some unusuals

    Magistrate's Muller Effect: orbiting fire, 12 keys Deep Fried Desire Effect: midnight whirlwind, 20 keys Greasen Lighting Effect: Smoking, 19 keys Hound Dog Effect: Bubbling, 13 keys Tavish's crown Effect: Bubbling, 15 keys Trade offers ->...
  6. Skiffa

    Accepted Stealing

    Steam name: Kadir SteamID : STEAM_0:1:224577954 Rules broken: Stealing rockets Evidence:
  7. Skiffa

    Accepted Admin application for the Mario kart#18

    - Names Skiffa, skifferino , skiff, biffa - Your age 25 years old. - Who gave you permission to apply? (applies to applicants under 15 or those who apply for servers not listed in the "Available positions" thread) Asked from Kevin is it okay for him if I apply. - Your Steam32 ID (this...
  8. Skiffa

    Selling Selling Chivarly Mediaval Warfare (game) for 3 keys

    If you are interested to buy it, send a trade offer using this link
  9. Skiffa

    Selling Selling a lot stuff

    Yeah, as title says, I am selling a lot stuff, only in pure. Mobile auth. Max 3 days hold. Fast accepting! Backpack: : Send a trade offer...
  10. Skiffa

    Buying trading cards

    As title says, I am buying trading cards for 0.11 each. If you have extra cards to sell, send a trade offer using this link -> Unicorns ♥
  11. Skiffa

    Players report

    ShAhZaM STEAM_0:1:97899990 Wajzard STEAM_0:1:28970858 speaking foreigns
  12. Skiffa

    Selling Selling painted stuff

    Hey pandas ::): I am selling a lot stuff now! . send a trade offer
  13. Skiffa

    Selling some stuff

    And yes, I was lazy to write item's names. If you are interesting, send a trade offer ->
  14. Skiffa

    Is time for,,,

    Yeah, is time for resign. I lost interested of administrating and I dont get any pleasures from that anymore. Big thanks for everyone! You will see me lurking here.
  15. Skiffa

    Selling A lot painted items, cheap prices!

    Hello Pandas! ::): I am cleaning my inventory so I am selling These items. If you are interested to buy, please and send a trade offer Genuine Tomb Wrapper : 2ref Genuine Wilson Weave : 1.88ref Genuine Sydney Straw...
  16. Skiffa


    Is time for spam some cute cat pictures?
  17. Skiffa

    It's time

    21/7/2014 I applied my application for Mario kart admin position: I was super nervous, I really wanted to help players, but I thought I am not good enough, I even wrote Panda-community wrongly. Few days after my applying , I forgot that I applied. Weeks later Kevin contacted to me via steam...
  18. Skiffa

    Otaku corner

    Hi Panda-Otakus ::): Since Panda-Commnuity has a lot otakus, so that gave to me an idea. I wanted to make thread, where all kind of otakus have own places , where all kind of otakus can shares their opinions and also discuss. This thread includes - Animes - Mangas - Incoming animes & mangas -...
  19. Skiffa

    Let's be weirdos

    Ohai pandas! ::): I was watching some really weird videos and wondering weird sides about peoples, what I know, so I decided to make a thread, if there is other weirdos like me :p Let share our's wierd sides. Let me start 1. Since someones already knows, how much I love coffee, especially...
  20. Skiffa

    Panda-Community: The Hunger Games match 4

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Today we will select the 24 tributes, which will fight for their lives and their districts to win the 4th Panda-Community Hunger Games. I’m happy to be here and that should each of y’all be too. Some time ago, our nation had to stand earthquakes, floods and storms, but we...