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  1. Cowboy

    Honest thoughts on Miami?

    I think the overplayed factor hurt this game more than anything. Now that the map has been around and isnt played as often i enjoy it a lot more now.
  2. Cowboy

    Declined Report against freddy fazbear gaming

    I Don't know i feel about punishing an individual for forcing hg during a time where there is only 3-4 people online. I can see that you warned him in chat, but it was after the round begun and i don't think he knew what he was doing was wrong. I really don't see how teambanning this guy will...
  3. Cowboy

    Declined Report against Jin

    So yeah, technicially you gotta play theater esque games in theater and i don't really know by the length of the video if he took them to the theater area or played it in the cell area. Nevertheless i'll go ahead and assume that he played the game in cell area. Drip or Drown is not a LR Only...
  4. Cowboy

    Declined Report against Jin

    Could you go further in detail why this is teambannable cause it looks like to me he's just playing theater
  5. Cowboy

    Hi I exist

    prove it
  6. Cowboy

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Rule Suggestion

    Happens every free day round on volcano Definitely annoying and feels like nothing you can do about it which is bad gameplay
  7. Cowboy

    Accepted report against totally bread

    Player has been banned. Thanks for the report.
  8. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against juiceontheloose

    Player has been punished. Many thanks.
  9. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against Tottaly bread

    Player will be punished. Thanks for the Report.
  10. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against fren :D | Serial designation N

    Both will be punished. Thanks for the report.
  11. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against enginner gaming #tf2easy

    Player has been muted. Thanks for the report.
  12. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against pissOn Ya grave

    Player has been muted. Thanks for the report.
  13. Cowboy

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Punishment against false orders

    As Denzel Mentioned, we cannot accept any sort of appeal not made by her. If she believes her punishment to be unjust she can make the appeal. As for the suggestion, I'll go ahead and start a poll with some ways on how to handle this new rule. Personally, Im torn between the two sides. While...
  14. Cowboy

    Accepted Report against mr49225

    Player is pending punishment. Appreciate the report.
  15. Cowboy

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Rule Fix

    this is entirely why the AFK order itself was changed in the first place
  16. Cowboy

    Awaiting Feedback [JB] Rule Fix

    this feels WAAAY too nitpicky. I really need to see more evidence of allowing people to change their weapons and how it would affect rounds. In my opinion, it doesnt. I think we should still allow people to change weapons during AFK.
  17. Cowboy

    I've had enough of your garbage takes. The TRUE Jb map tierlist

    Aztec is a little too high but honestly agreed for most part.
  18. Cowboy

    Declined Report against nonstopdrivel

    So you werent AFK during the wardens orders and the blue killed you for it. Jumping up and down is NOT AFK unfortunately. nonstopdrivel will be receivining a warning for baiting nontheless. Thanks for the report, but unfortunately i'll have to decline due to reasons above
  19. Cowboy

    Happy Birthday Alex!

    Happy Birthday Alex!