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  1. Autismo

    Declined [FF2] Blightcaller Change Suggestion

    removing the invulnerability on teleport would be better honestly
  2. Autismo

    Pending [FF2] Daft Punk for Gambler and another one of mine replacement suggestion

    Hey, I've heard slight distaste for daftpunk and how bad the hale is currently with how some players are abusing the fact that you avoid the rage by bhopping it, so I'm suggesting a hale that I've heard people would like to play instead as. Gambler utilizes the RTD function to do plenty of...
  3. Autismo

    Declined [FF2] Major crits jr replacement (revamp) suggestion

    Hey, major crits sucks, like really bad, hale's gimmicky with the beggar's playstyle, having to weighdown to not fuck your rocket jumping up is tedious and it's annoying to jump since the rockets spread a bit whilst also traveling at a sluggish pace, you can also use a battalion's backup to full...
  4. Autismo

    Pending [FF2/VSH] Dumpster diving map retrieval suggestions

    yes, they're all arena but they work since we have arena_process that's still in rotation. suijin I think everyone knows how this maps goes, I've played it before on a vsh server and I can say with certainty that it plays very well...
  5. Autismo

    Completed [VSH/FF2] VSH_fightyard (revamped lumberyard) Vsh_Ravine_Revamped suggestion

    From what I've heard, these maps were originally in rotation but were removed because of people suggesting their removal, but I don't see why they would, they're good maps. Fightyard Ravine e
  6. Autismo

    Pending [FF2] Rocket/Sticky jumper attributes rework

    hello, currently these weapons are either used for delaying, being useless (sticky), or having absurd amounts of mobility with very little trade off due to other items making the damage intake less impactful (rocket jumper + treads). I'm suggesting making the weapons have their "no self...
  7. Autismo

    Pending [FF2] Hale replacement suggestion for other hale additions

    do excuse the formatting on the top, I thought it would come out as it was, I'll be editing it to look correct edit: corrected, slightly.
  8. Autismo

    Pending [FF2] Hale replacement suggestion for other hale additions

    Hello, this refers to the hales here on this thread and is a continuation of | I've been told by ubermedic that the limit has been reached for more...
  9. Autismo

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Dirtmound map suggestion

    it would be that I'm suggesting, there's "new" and classic(rc5a), not a clue what classic looks like and the screenshots showcase the new one.
  10. Autismo

    Completed [FF2/VSH] 3 map suggestions (for the last and final time, because I couldn't find any more good maps)

    I'm probably posting a bit too much about map inclusions recently, but not in a means to clutter but merely to have additions that can be added later on in the future, best idea for this thread is to add them slowly one by one given the highest voting order (or not at all given a no; won't be...
  11. Autismo

    Declined [FF2] The mobility menaces

    I wasn't suggesting the addition of the mobility menaces in the text field, it's too large if kevin says that the roster is full, there isn't much of a reason to cull 2 duos or 4 hales just for a bare bones quartet hale. human sentry buster loses a mass majority of the rounds, it's just a really...
  12. Autismo

    Declined [FF2] The mobility menaces

    the old suggestion still links to the "new" files (updated on may 16th) so it's fine as it is. as for what you said, replacing old ones with the ones I have, only hardware, rattleton and degroot would fit best given that the roster is full (and that the concurrent mobility menace is still 4...
  13. Autismo

    Some weapon change suggestions

    Vspr | versus ponyville reborn (yea that pony show) some of the key features that're no where else to be found -Shields lost can be regained by having 10 heads or more (you retain any extra heads) -HHH turns you into the headless horsemann when you get 10 heads -Have a lot of custom hales that...
  14. Autismo

    Some weapon change suggestions

    if you can also find a work around for the cannon to not get boosted from minicrits and crits from 2nd to last man then it could be changed to have higher damage values. in the op about the other server, it also for a time had loose cannon crits convert back to just base damage for double donks...
  15. Autismo

    Some weapon change suggestions

    This is more or so taking pre-existing ideas from a other server I used to play in. starting from first class to last scout: Stock bat +50% secondary ammo Force a nature -50% primary ammo (because it's a crutch) Shortstop +15% faster reloading speed +10% damage bonus Soldier: Rocket...
  16. Autismo

    Declined [FF2/VSH] Vsh_Limbo map suggestion Seems small at first but it's actually got a bit of room to it, looks to play well despite the skybox textured layout in the main center, not favoured well for engineers, snipers with rifles and heavies that use miniguns from a general point of view. Reminds...
  17. Autismo

    Completed [FF2/VSH] two certain map removals

    Straight to the point for certain map removals vsh_sewers incredibly favoured for the red team, completely open with very little for the hale to go around, just not a good map to play around as hale since engineers will sit on the containers with jump pads (which I'm going to be commenting...
  18. Autismo

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Dirtmound map suggestion

    In terms of looks and layout, it's condensed but wide enough that it doesn't end up being a map where everyone stacks up in one key location or general area, lot of free area for both the hale and mobility based classes. I'd say it's a good map with nothing special, I think the reason why...
  19. Autismo

    Completed [FF2/VSH] Dirtmound map suggestion I'm tired of the same maps getting picked over and over again, so a few new additions should be added because getting granturks for the 1000th time over (and a majority of the same hales that're virtually identical in terms of functionality for ff2) is...
  20. Autismo

    Declined [FF2] Flamethrowers Buffs

    Even if flamethrowers get a damage buff, the majority of people who play pyro (with flamethrowers) will continue to feed airblasts whilst being mostly useless, so the only downside of this is that hales will get fed more rage due to the increase of interest for flamethrowers and the picking of...