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  1. Oskar Dietz


    Hello, I want to report a problem with an especific map on VSH server. The map is rats_office, which for some reason, long time ago looks like got fail textures. I think this is not only a one person problem, because last times I nominate this map people or leave the server or made comments like...
  2. Oskar Dietz

    Pending [FF2/VSH] vsh_barnnight_rerework change

    Like Kruphixx said, this map is small, dark and I may add that I barely see this map. I have a playtime of 58 days and I cant remember last time I play on this map. Imo, the map should be removed, it doesnt seem to be a VSH map.
  3. Oskar Dietz

    Completed [VSH]Nerf Sniper's Dmg&knockback

    I also want to suggest (if its possible) to remove completely knockback on noscope shots but keep small knockback on scope shots. And dont remove knockback from huntsman, Imo is a fair weapon.
  4. Oskar Dietz

    Pending [VSH] Damage reduction Spy.

    Hello, I want to make a post about Spy in VSH gamemode. Before last update, Spy could survive one Hale´s hits while he was invisible and he couldn´t survive a stomp while he was invisible (this was when you use stock clock). After update, Spy (with stock clock) can survive two hits while he is...
  5. Oskar Dietz

    Completed [VSH] Reverse Medic

    You can´t have the same stats in VSH and FF2, they are a quite different gamemodes. Now even scouts and engies resists 1 hit, I am agree with delete overheal change. Imo the biggest problem with medics is solved: his lack of mobility, no need to add more stuff to him.
  6. Oskar Dietz

    Declined [GENERAL RULES] Music/Jukebox Users playing tunes

    If I want to listen music, I have a nice playlist on Youtube. But TF2 also give you a lot of options, like mute player or voice_enable 0. My biggest problem with those guys who put music in a game is the terrible audio quality, it's a music that breaks eardrums, imo they are trying to being...
  7. Oskar Dietz

    Accepted Report against jackson

    Who are you reporting? Jackson What server game mode is the report concerned with? VS Saxton Hale What is the accused persons's SteamID? STEAM_0:0:579047329 What is the reason of the report? AFK Files you have as proof File(s) attached Any other proof you have
  8. Oskar Dietz

    Favorite Game? (not tf2)

    Darkest Dungeon II, I have 300 hours on my Epic Games account and now I buy on Steam.
  9. Oskar Dietz

    Pending [VSH/FF2] Edit for vsh_2fortdesk_v8

    I still think that BLU Spawn push should be changed, good Hales (VSH server) take advantage of this push and make big jumps, with zero counter-play(maybe radom rocket or crusader crossbow hit can stop this jump or sniper shot). Maybe add a instakill if hale is up there for more than 5 seconds...
  10. Oskar Dietz

    Accepted Report against

    Current: Игорь Дезолятор SteamID: STEAM_0:0:138353758 Which server the rule was broken on: VSH EU Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search: The rule or rules they broke: Camping as Hale. The evidence: 1 demo
  11. Oskar Dietz

    Is VSH ever going to get updated?

    Ty, I hope this update give some quality to the server and attract people.
  12. Oskar Dietz

    Is VSH ever going to get updated?

    As usual VSH player(those days I took a small break) I must say that it is sad to see the actual situation of VSH server. And It's sad to see changes take so long to come. Make changes before it's too late.
  13. Oskar Dietz

    Panda Community Music Thread

    I love this song, it is from my second favourite game
  14. Oskar Dietz

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Add koth_harvest

    It is nice to add new maps, but other maps should be deleted(from VSH perspective). It would be good idea to remove low played maps, because rn there are a lot of good maps that are being ignored just because no one knows that the map exist, because the map list it is too big, so in the end of...
  15. Oskar Dietz

    Update Announce for Saxton Hale

    I have been playing in VSH #05 server for 3 years non-stop and I didn´t see a situation like this in those 3 years. Everytime I want to play, the server is empty, no matters the hour or the day(even on weekends). I hope the changes make this server great again.I will wait patiently for them.
  16. Oskar Dietz


    There are not sad days, only days now. Farewell, Mrs Kruphixx
  17. Oskar Dietz

    Completed [FF2] Removal of Sniper Wall Climb

    I dont know if I can suggest anything now. But I think that give sniper a heal reduction from healtpacks when he has melee weapon active would be also a nice addition.
  18. Oskar Dietz

    Accepted Report against Scisnij

    Player's name and information : Scisnij steamID32: Steam: STEAM_0:1:49235474 Steam : Where did it happened ? : Panda FF2 server What did he do? : afk for 10 minutes, he said like 2 or 3 times he would go afk and he still talk while he was...
  19. Oskar Dietz

    Accepted Report

    Current Steam name: chromy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50840747 Which server the rule was broken on: VSH The rule or rules they broke: Camping as Hale The evidence that they broke the rule or rules above.
  20. Oskar Dietz

    Hitreg Issues

    Today I played as Hale 5 times and I think that know is even worse than before. I wrote down how many hitregs I got and it was 7 hitregs against players who are literally on my face.