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  1. Loki.

    Awaiting Feedback [FF2] Boss change suggestions (quite a few)

    I don't think major crits jr. in his current state would be playable without the grappling hook. Perhaps make it so he can't grapple onto players, or somehow change his rocket launcher, since rocket jumping with a beggars-like weapon as hale, while also needing to have the rocket launcher loaded...
  2. Loki.

    Pending [FF2] Changes to suggest

    Still don't agree with nerfing him... You're saying a skilled player is like a flying spy, but someone new is "useless". Well that might be true in some cases, but for the useless part... The same goes for spy, or even any class actually, so I can't agree with that argument.
  3. Loki.

    Pending [FF2] Changes to suggest

    Don't think it's a very good idea to try to nerd trolldier out of the blue... Any potential nerf will make him a pointless subclass which would ruin the game for quite a few players. Trolldier might be strong, but he requires quite a bit of skill to actually get decent damage, so I don't really...
  4. Loki.

    Completed [FF2] Market Gardener Damage

    No don't.... You're not nerfing em without making em awful...
  5. Loki.

    Completed [FF2] Reduce Ubercharge rate

    Definitely agree with the nerf of medic, but I'm honestly not sure if it'll actually be enough to make him in line with other classes, so we'll have to actually see how it affects real in-game performance.
  6. Loki.

    Beep-Man Buildings

    Now I think we should get some thoughts on this from current admins.
  7. Loki.

    Pending [VSH/FF2] Map suggestion - vsh_prison

    Looks great.
  8. Loki.

    Declined Report against Monkey grab ya pussi

    Who are you reporting? Monkey grab ya pussi What server game mode is the report concerned with? FF2#13 What is the accused persons's SteamID? STEAM_0:0:49340907 What is the reason of the report? Inappropriate username Files you have as proof File(s) attached Any other proof you have
  9. Loki.

    Declined [VSH] Changing the HHH Jr boss

    Removing/Replacing is definitely not an option since Kevin wants to keep the VSH as default as it can be, so the bosses are definitely staying but some changes are definitely needed.
  10. Loki.

    Completed [FF2 / VSH] Add vsh_militaryzone_v3 or replace vsh_military_area_b1 with it

    Having 2 military areas isn't a very good thing honestly..
  11. Loki.

    Accepted Report against Poseidon_

    Steam name: Poseidon_ Steam ID32: STEAM_0:0:166156003 Server: FF2 #13 Links: HLstats and Sourcebans Rules broken: Camping as a class that isn't allowed to Evidence: YTB clip starting at 0:34+ YTB clip 2 starting at 0:44
  12. Loki.

    Painis Cupcake kit rework?

    I mean option 3 probably makes the most sense. I don't really think making him weak during rage with slow rate of fire would be very fun, unless his rage time was maybe longer ?
  13. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    well exactly because it's that many maps that get repeated, one map longer delay before you can vote a map basically won't do anything.
  14. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    One extra map isn't going to make a big difference, if at all.
  15. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    As I mentioned a few times already, it's not getting them nominated that is the problem, but them not being played regularly.
  16. Loki.

    Accepted i got banned for an obvious joke

    As I said, I don't know who you are, so I have absolutely no way to tell if you're actually mentally stable, or if you'd go farther than a simple "joke".
  17. Loki.

    Accepted i got banned for an obvious joke

    Sorry, but joking about doxxing is not something you do normally.... I get maybe doing it to someone you know like your friends, but I don't know you and have no idea who you are. So you threatening to dox me didn't feel exactly great when you actually dropped some ip, even if it wasn't mine.
  18. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    It's not about my favorite map or something, I hate the fact that some underrated maps are being neglected. I'm not gonna be nominating every map that isn't being played.
  19. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    Sorry but can't agree with you on that. Yes freedom of choice is good, but what is the point of having like 70 maps if only max 10 get picked..... Might aswell remove all maps except like skyhigh, military, nebula.
  20. Loki.

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    7 to 8 would still not be enough honestly, more like 15 atleast.