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    Completed [FF2/VSH] From Hakurei_Shrine to Hakurei_Winter

    To keep it short, This map is a direct upgrade from the original vsh_Hakurei_Shrine_v3. Apart from the snowy weather, the map also provides fog, thus sniping from across the map and spotting hale and his ambush becomes immensely more difficult. The original map lacks variety and decor which...
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    Accepted Report against phosphorusoxide

    Current Steam name: phosphorusoxide SteamID (Unique ID on HlStatsx): STEAM_0:0:26317300 Which server the rule was broken on: Freak Fortress 2 Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search: HLSTATS...
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    Completed [FF2/VSH] vsh_granturks_v5

    CopyPaste from Gamebanana: Hello, This is a project of mine that took quite some time to finish. This is a restyled, revamped and immensely improved version of the original granturks_b4 by Falki. I`ll let the screenshots speak for themselves, but I`ll also mention the most important changes...
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    Completed [FF2/VSH] Map suggestion - Vsh Lowland

    Hello, This is my "first" proper map creation rather than a map edit and I wanted to give it a try and see what you lads and ladies will think It`s a small, basic layout, boxed in arena type which some may find has a resemblance to military_area, a map that did inspire my work- on Lowland These...
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    Completed [FF2] Reducing Goomba Stomp Damage

    I agree with the nerf but I think it should be 700-880 dmg instead of 500 so it pays out to trade a goomba for death because 500 damage can easily be achieved by any class with minimal effort and no goomba so it wouldnt be worth going for the goomba in the first place if it were set to 500.
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    Ability Reworks

    thought it gave uber + the blue effect while falling. Nevermind
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    Ability Reworks

    The only thing that I`d change is the ability to receive uber upon using the weighdown, I think it should be disabled, and the cooldown on weighdown separately set for each hale (if possible) we could make a poll?
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    Declined Report against Nelson

    take a look at the whole clip, I haven`t noticed any server-side lag nor lag on my end, he seems to be trying to hit air but when you look at other players and the small sentry in the middle they are locked straight onto me. Please provide any objections ("its a facestab" doesnt quite amount to...
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    Declined Report against Nelson

    50-60 ping, his was around 30, on that ping he should not be able to perform that facestab
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    Declined Report against Nelson

    Current Steam name: Nelson SteamID (Unique ID on HlStatsx): STEAM_0:0:217486290 Which server the rule was broken on: Freak Fortress 2 Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search: The rule or...
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    Hitreg Issues

    1st clip: Team Fortress 2 2023.01.16 - ; I suspect Nelson (spy) of hacking, I`ll tag @Kruphixx 2nd clip: Team Fortress 2 2023.01.16 - 3rd clip: Team Fortress 2 2023.01.16 - 4th clip: Team Fortress 2 2023.01.16 - I`ll tag @Madact...
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    Hitreg Issues

    Team Fortress 2 2022.12.23 - Spy was hit but he didnt receive any damage (I slowed down that part) Its not a concrete example but I`ll try to record one later in the evening because I do get hitreg`d a lot. I`ll post it here
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    Freak Fortress 2 in a Nutshell #1

    watch to the end
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    Current State of VSH #2

    I`ll just mention that besides VSH hitreg is also a major issue on Freak Fortress 2. Literally unplayable sometimes
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    What music do you like ?

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    Completed [FF2/VSH] Changes to vsh_weapon_storage

    Partially denying water sounds better than erasing it completely, but it should be clearly indicated to hale that he can activate it and where to find the lever (Allowing only him to be able to activate it can be done through team filters, as said by Berke). I`ll go for a yes. (Kevin update the...
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    Completed [FF2/VSH] Changes to vsh_weapon_storage

    By suggesting this youre doing a favor to a specific group of players that tend to abuse map weaknesses, in this case that death pit area, I dont judge you for playing anything, I just want to show that youre in that beforementioned group of players and that your mind instantly gravitates...
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    Completed [FF2/VSH] Changes to vsh_weapon_storage

    It has everything to do with the suggestion because it shows a part of your character that prefers updating specific map mechanics rather than other maps in general that are already waiting to be updated for weeks. The water isnt a bad feature, it is a bad feature for people who like farming...