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  1. scootyman

    Accepted creamberry mfk

    creamberry STEAM_0:0:7902235 HLStats US Jailbreak MFK
  2. scootyman

    Accepted mfk for instant map change?

    PANCALIENTE STEAM_0:0:568757400 US Jailbreak HLStats: Rule broken: MFK Evidence:
  3. scootyman

    Declined slight /nominate change

    Just a very minor thing I noticed while playing on jb. You can't change your map nomination when there's too many maps already nominated. When you type "/nominate" again to change it, the plugin thinks you're trying to nominate a new map instead of changing your current nomination, and tells you...
  4. scootyman

    Accepted "how do I unwarden"

    PIKACHU KUJO STEAM_0:1:448218919 US Jailbreak slaying as warden, force freeday Evidence: slaying 1 slaying 2 force freeday
  5. scootyman

    Accepted i dont think this guy likes black people

    farsman STEAM_0:1:539652036 US Jailbreak slur (many times) Evidence: chatlog
  6. scootyman

    Accepted Late night USJB rulebreaking marathon

    (All on US Jailbreak) drd STEAM_0:0:94641221 Sourcebans Rules broken: MFK god STEAM_0:0:137931251 Sourcebans Rules broken: force freeday & MFK + MFK 2 + MFK 3 + MFK 4 & blu teamkill + slur Nehru STEAM_0:1:81663817 (No previous bans) Rules broken: blu teamkill + blu teamkill 2 +...
  7. scootyman

    Completed Add back ba_hopjb_v8

    The first time version 11 of hop was added, version 8 was left on the server because they were quite different and people liked both. This time it was not. I like both a lot and I'm sure other people still would like to play version 8 sometimes. I don't see why we shouldn't. We did it with...
  8. scootyman

    Accepted bloon mfk

    Bloon STEAM_0:1:619654402 US JB MFK:
  9. scootyman

    Accepted darthpootis mfk

    darthpootis STEAM_0:0:151144745 US JB MFK:
  10. scootyman

    Accepted cock and ball torture

    Name: GO TO HELL STEAM_0:0:628266942 US JB MFK:
  11. scootyman

    Accepted rewarden & illegal ff

    Ghostshade STEAM_0:0:169245619 US Jailbreak rewarden & illegal ff evidence: Also this isn't the typical "whoops I pressed 3" because you can see he does the command in chat I normally let other people report for something like this but he's been freekilling a lot...
  12. scootyman

    Accepted martinartz mfk

    Steam name: martinartz Steam ID32: : STEAM_0:0:78404035 Server: US Jailbreak Rules broken: MFK Evidence: (attachment)
  13. scootyman

    Accepted slur

    Steam name: Jolly Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:89283105 Server: US Jailbreak Links: Rules broken: racial slur Evidence: HLstats
  14. scootyman

    Mersad's oopsie full clip

    Here's the rest of that clip of mersads mfk, also at a better angle. You can see he was aiming at a rebeller and missed. And he apologizes after. Hope that clears things up
  15. scootyman

    Accepted 2 mfks

    Steam name: OH HOHOH Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:445334040 Server: US Jailbreak Rules broken: MFK Evidence: videos He has a different name in each clip but after going to hlstats I've checked that it is the same guy
  16. scootyman

    Accepted accidental mfk

    Steam name: SepehrDanesh920 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:522844534 Server: US Panda Jailbreak Rules broken: mfk Evidence: attached video clip it was probably an accident and I guess it was only 4 people but still worth a report
  17. scootyman

    Accepted racial slur

    Steam name: Ithy Bratch Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:556803767 Server: US Panda Jailbreak Links: Rule broken: racial slur Evidence: HL stats chat log
  18. scootyman

    Accepted MistaBlood MFK

    Steam name: MistaBlood Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64659941 Server: Jailbreak US Rule broken: Mass Freekill Evidence: (attatched file) Also if you type his steam id in google the first 3 results are different jb servers ban lists, looks like this isn't his first time.
  19. scootyman

    Accepted mfk and other rulebreaking on late night jb

    Steam name: smokin' dat' reggie' Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:572124717 Server: US Jailbreak Rules broken: freehitting, MFK, lying/tricking/false orders on blu, hitting buttons without permission, baiting, lr denial, illegal ff, blu teamkilling, racial slurs, Evidence: If you just want to skip to the...