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  1. Kevin

    Declined clownn's Ban appeal

    if you would've put more effort in the appeal and lookup your ban on sourcebans you'd know the reason. seems like it already expired.
  2. Kevin

    Completed [Forum] Suggestion: Ignore Threads

    plugin is implemented, big thanks to @Zeprus for funding it!
  3. Kevin

    Awaiting Feedback [VSH/FF2] Map cooldowns

    i dont think time limit is possible also i dont think its either a good idea setting a 10h limit per map as what map would there be available if people constantly RTV?
  4. Kevin

    Completed [Forum] Suggestion: Ignore Threads

    32$ seems a bit much for such a feature only a handful will use. not sure if its useful.
  5. Kevin

    Accepted vpn ban appeal

    dont use a vpn and you'll be fine.
  6. Kevin

    Completed VSH/FF2 Map Removal Megathread

    maps have been removed, thanks.
  7. Kevin

    Completed vsh_zelda_ww_ou tset_island edit suggestion

    updated, thanks.
  8. Kevin

    Completed [VSH/FF2] Updated version of vsh_manncohq

    replaced, thanks.
  9. Kevin

    Completed Some vsh map suggestions

  10. Kevin

    Completed Map Suggestion - vsh_leak

  11. Kevin

    Completed Even more VSH map suggestions

    maps have been added.
  12. Kevin

    Completed [VSH] Update vsh_crevice to b10

    updated, thanks.
  13. Kevin

    Completed Fix for VSH_GOLFO_BEACH

  14. Kevin

    Completed [VSH] VSH_Minecroft Remake

  15. Kevin

    Completed Stripper config for vsh_teul_rc3

    implemented, should be fixed upon mapchange.
  16. Kevin

    Declined Upgrading to VSH2

    we'll see how far we can get by adjusting the current plugin for our needs and if that doesnt work out we'll see if VSH2 can resolve it. for now i'll drop it though.
  17. Kevin

    Started Crack down on Pyro's airblast in VSH

    class limits are now in place and about the airblast we can look into it on the rework.