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  1. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined Asking to be unmuted the name of muted ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦₦Ɏ₲ time of the mute 2021-08-31 18:38:03 the reason i was muted couse i called someone the f word plus i was toxic it was gold...
  2. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined Appealing a permaent mute ♔KingJohnnyGat 2021-08-31 18:38:03 promoteing rule breaking admin who did it was gold on behalf of bambi On why i should be unmuted is i learned my lession...
  3. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined Mute appeal

    Ok I waited till october just like i was told And im am apealling this permament mute And yes i know im dumb Aspect Anyways ♔KingJohnnyGat
  4. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined I Am Very Sorry about what i did ♔Kingjohnnygat 2021-08-31 20:38:03 I Was Promoting Rule Breaking The Fellow Who Did the ban was Gold And he did it for bambi Well after the Permanent mute I was...
  5. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined Perma mute appeal Trying to do this right

    SourceBans Ban URL: Panda Community SourceBans Name of your Banned Steam Account: ♔Kingjohnnygat Steam ID 32 (How to get your Steam ID 32: Click here): STEAM_0:1:66721121 Date and Time of the Ban: 2021-08-31 20:38:03 Reason about the Ban: Promoting rulebreaking. - Done on the behalf of Bambi...
  6. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Invalid This Mute speal

    Ill Keep this short and sweet this should of not happend as for 1 i was not being serise about it 2 i dont support rule breaking and last 3 this is a dumb reason for a perma mute no matter what the outcome of this appeal it is what it is ♔Kingjohnnygat Steam ID...
  7. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Declined appealing a perma bann

    reason why i was banned Gold: Slaying as warden date of the bann sunday june 27 the admin who banned me gold why i feel i should at least to at least get un perma guardbann till a time limit where the guard ban would expire plus on...
  8. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ

    Invalid perma banned

    i got perma banned due to slaying as warden but im finding out it was due to prevois banns but i should not be perma for something as small as this PLUS i normely follow the rules everytime im even on blue now i will not make no excuses or lie i will take a guardbann but not perma...
  9. ♔₭ł₦₲JØⱧ₦NɎ


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