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  1. Kevin

    Declined 3rd time trying to

    just look at other apps for example. you have literally no spacing in between the questions which makes it very hard to read.
  2. Kevin

    Declined 3rd time trying to

    3rd time and still horrible non existing formatting?
  3. Kevin

    Accepted Ban appeal: Cahya (Cheating)

  4. Kevin

    Accepted Ban Appeal: Permanent Ban

    @Baka please provide demos for the aimbot ban or atleast feedback.
  5. Kevin

    Accepted im sorry for my action

    k, unbanned last chance.
  6. Kevin

    Accepted Ban appeal: Cahya (Cheating)

    @Lighty leave some feedback.
  7. Kevin

    Declined Server banned me ;-;

    declining this as reasons stated above.
  8. Kevin

    Accepted Ban appeal: Permanent ban almost 6 years ago

  9. Kevin

    Declined Why am i banned?

    lol phone number has nothing to do with being banned as alt. declined.
  10. Kevin

    Declined Forum & Discord Ban Appeal by Alex

    whats the point of unbanning you when you dont even play on the servers?
  11. Kevin

    Accepted Permanent ban

  12. Kevin

    Declined Discord Ban Appeal

    good then its ok to decline it :pepe2:.
  13. Kevin

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    @TBotV63 should make a decission here as he's the mentor of @Tolfx.
  14. Kevin

    Declined make sm_namecolor and such actually work

    there's only a handful of players who have the knowledge of setting colors manually so this is quite useless to look into. there are over 150 pre-defined colors to pick in and they are pretty good labeled name wise so i dont see a issue there. those commands may be there but arent used by anything.
  15. Kevin

    Declined make sm_namecolor and such actually work

    there is !ccc so whats the point.
  16. Kevin

    Kevin took the money, but I'm still not Donator ...

    donations usually are processed within a few hours if all infos have been provided. creating tons of threads and so on doesnt speed it up either.
  17. Kevin

    Kevin took the money, but I'm still not Donator ...

    kek not realizing people have reallife besides sitting in front of the pc non stop? read the donation page properly then you knwo what to do.
  18. Kevin

    Completed Enable weapons in Surf

    implemented, active on next map change.
  19. Kevin

    News Changelog 04.08.2019

    added the following maps to all deathrun servers: dr_bazinga_v2 dr_bearun_b3 (suggested by @TriiX) dr_berlin_redux_v1 dr_dangerzone_fin2 dr_deadhome_v2_fix1 dr_foursquare_b1 dr_minefarm_redux_b7 dr_multirun_final1 dr_pathway_a13 dr_school_redux_v2bfix3 added a latespawn fix for arena based...
  20. Kevin

    Completed I made a new death run map

    map has been added already previously.