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  1. Madact

    Accepted Permamute 1 year ago

    I'll give you the chance. You will be monitored and could receive a permanent silence without a warning if you break communication rules again. Any further appeals will be rejected and only will be considered again after 2-3 years have passed. So make sure you read up on the rules...
  2. Madact

    Accepted Unban from blue team.

    Well you've built up your sessions as requested and I've heard you're doing well on the servers. So we'll give you a chance. Please read and understand the jailbreak rules well before joining blue team. If you are found breaking rules yet again you will receive a permanent teamban without...
  3. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Gambling Issues.

    I'd rather not be involved in the gambling aspect. That's for middlemen and I don't want to be involved with that. There's also these giveaway situations that happen. Some say they're doing it and the players have to do a minigame. After they have, some leave without giving out the prize. Some...
  4. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback sky_skylab_01

    I don't see the point requesting a map update when the only thing changed is the texture of the skybox. Are we missing something here? Or is that it?
  5. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Add vsh_brick_king back to TX FF2

    Did Geronimo make a thread about it all ready or was this expressed off threads? @Kaz
  6. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Deathrun-> dr_cocainum rework

    Has the deathrun team looked at this map? @Ranger Ciri @Nope. @Stabbin @Adoruby Any objections to this map?
  7. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Nuke Remodeling for DB servers.

    Is this all ready mentioned in another suggestion in the big DB suggestion list? Any links would be nice. Making a model eh...We'll need someone and then knowing how to set it up. Would like an answer in 2 weeks on the information above or we'll just store it into declined.
  8. Madact

    Declined Gold's Admin Application #1

    With Zeropc off the jailbreak list, we have all the feedback we need. Any extra can be sent in PM to me / nighta / kevin. Closing for under review.
  9. Madact

    Under Review Admin Application #2

    Lighty's given an answer in private, use whatever feedback you've got and apply it in the future. I'm going to close this up for review.
  10. Madact

    Accepted Level 60 cheater

    I don't particularly find this sufficient evidence due to the lack of first person perspective on the reported player. I'm use to demos and properly looking at something like this. All I'm seeing is a spy doing some backstabs. Compensated lag command maybe? Leaving it open for discussion.
  11. Madact

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Since your tag has been removed, I'll remove the ban. Accepted.
  12. Madact

    Declined Random Coffee Table's Admin Application (#1)

    Very mature response above. ::): Well I believe the feedback will be helpful for you if you consider applying again. You have a 1.5 month cool down before you can apply again, that's plenty of time to improve. Considering the votes above and the applicants response above, I'll move this to...
  13. Madact

    Declined Ban Appeal

    @Zealous.BB Hope it's safe to assume you only wanted the information and not to contest the ban, I'm gonna shoot this into declined. Let me know on forum PM if I'm incorrect.
  14. Madact

    Accepted I would appreciate if I could be unbanned.

    Since your tag is removed, sure Accepted.
  15. Madact

    Invalid Mila's Admin Application

    I didn't give you permission... You asked for it and I wanted information first before deciding. So...this is invalid.
  16. Madact

    Invalid Davis' application for trade#25

    Since it's only 3 hours away I didn't see much point smacking it into invalid. Thing is though you should be reading the template thread properly. Not doing so kind of gives the impression you're not exactly willing to be dedicated.
  17. Madact

    Invalid Shadeless' Admin Application

    NY Trade is currently not available for positions at the moment (you need permission), read the template thread properly next time before applying.
  18. Madact

    Declined Gold's Admin Application #1

    @ZeroPC @Justin | XplosiveAction (tagged to see if you have anything to add from your first feedback) @Semicolon backslash By end of July I want your feedback. Also the video, it looks like baiting. I know you and I think what I want from you Gold is a solid identity. If you want to name...
  19. Madact

    Declined Admin Application For FF2 TX

    With the feedback having negative votes, a lack of forum activity to see feedback given to improve I don't see this going anywhere. Especially since mentioned you are being punished by current admins. Declined. You may reapply in 1.5 months, consider the feedback above if you do.
  20. Madact

    Accepted no comment.

    Would prefer it if reports where handled by full admins. Assuming this is valid cause I'm not sure what I'm looking at, I'll move and close it.