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  1. Kevin

    Declined A case against gamble

    isnt tf2 FSK 18? either way i'm closing this retarded shit imo tuli should be banned due to his really disgusting chatlog on our servers. like i said anything that happens outside of panda isnt our part.
  2. Kevin

    Awaiting Feedback Upgrading to VSH2

    no disrespect there but i doubt i'd use VSH2 for my FF2 server if i'd need bridges and what not sounds to me not very efficient usage and may cause after tf2 related updates just unnecessary more headaches.
  3. Kevin

    Awaiting Feedback Upgrading to VSH2

    i have VSH2 up and running on my dev server incase some admins want to test it hit me up.
  4. Kevin

    Declined A case against gamble

    what a disgusting chatlog and also nice cheat advertising lmao
  5. Kevin

    Declined A case against gamble

    either way we're not his parents and infact playing tf2 or similar at the age of 15 is clearly a parents failure. dont understand me wrong we dont support any kind of behaviour like that nor do we tollerate it on panda but like i said if it doesnt happen on our platform we cannot do anything...
  6. Kevin

    Declined A case against gamble

    if this doesnt gappen on panda related servers we cant help. i assume those discord screens are dms?
  7. Kevin

    Completed Freak Fortress 2 #13 Suggestion

    this has been implemented already with the FF2 update.
  8. Kevin

    Completed Jailbreak VSH LR

    this will ship once we introduce the jailbreak redux version i'll close it for now.
  9. Kevin

    Awaiting Feedback Rebel status in JB

    resetted the poll, will close in 2 days.
  10. Kevin

    Awaiting Feedback Oh boy another ff2 boss suggestion.

    is this still relevant after the update?
  11. Kevin

    Completed Koishi Buff turned out to be a nerf.

    this should've have been fixed in the FF2 update procedure.
  12. Kevin

    Completed Please remove random bullet spread from orange_x3 server tyvm

    has been disabled on orange aswell
  13. Kevin

    Declined sky_skylab_01

    closing this as it doesnt work as expected
  14. Kevin

    Completed Do you ever worry you might be going mad?

    implemented, done.
  15. Kevin

    Completed Remove random crits from 2fort

    random crits have been disabled, lets see how it is.
  16. Kevin

    Completed Remove random bullet spread from US Hightower

    should be disabled, let me know incase not.
  17. Kevin

    Completed [VSH] Change the way RTV works to the same as Jailbreak.

    changed it, should be working now after next map change as on JB.
  18. Kevin

    Completed [VSH] Change the way RTV works to the same as Jailbreak.

    from what i can see the only difference is that on jailbreak you're able to extend the map and on vsh for example not - can someone maybe explain or is this even still a thing?
  19. Kevin

    Completed JB Suggestion (What did you expect?)

    +use will be active upon mapchange - implemented.
  20. Kevin

    Completed Jailbreak Megathread Gameplay Suggestions

    last played 3 maps will be execluded + round time has been changed to 60 minutes instead 45. changes will be active upon mapchange.