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  1. Kevin

    Donator rank

    only cause i’m only on steam doesnt mean i’m there. i’ll add the perks most likely tomorrow.
  2. Kevin

    Question about my donator privileges

    send me a pm with donation details rather than creating a thread.
  3. Kevin

    Important Forum Update

    whats the problem there? settings are set in the backend and stored as cookie, as it doesnt get changed any time soon again i dont see any problem?
  4. Kevin

    Declined Can we use the New and fixed maps on Deathrun?

    rather not complain and provide the updated urls then lol
  5. Kevin

    could you add me on steam? as you didnt left any infos on paypal.

    could you add me on steam? as you didnt left any infos on paypal.
  6. Kevin


  7. Kevin

    Pending Jailbreak VSH LR

    i could setup a private test server with the redux plugin.
  8. Kevin

    Declined Map Playtesting for FF2/VSH

    map is too small hence not going to be added.
  9. Kevin

    Important Forum Update

    listed ones have been fixed except for the pony stuff.. gonna do that later.
  10. Kevin

    Accepted Semi's second admin application for NY JB

    accepted, welcome in the team. your mentor during your trial phase will be @Madact, should you have any questions feel free to ask us.
  11. Kevin

    Declined Gunner's Admin Application for TX Dodgeball

    sessions are a bit weak the last few days, you know more @Pricholas?
  12. Kevin

    Completed Removal of multiple maps.

    has been removed from the map cycle.
  13. Kevin

    Completed FF2/VSH Maps

    added the following maps: vsh_stream_platform vsh_snowflakes_b1 vsh_apg_v2
  14. Kevin

    Completed Map: vsh_golfo_beach

    you do realize that you need to change the map name if some people have played it already and you made other changes? @Husky has the same issue with map fixes he made. this needs to be fixed first before i add any map.
  15. Kevin

    Completed VSH Map Remake

    map added.
  16. Kevin

    Important Forum Update

    the icon bug has been fixed aswell the | line removed from the reactions. ranks have aswell been re-designed aswell the names.
  17. Kevin

    Completed Add Discord to identities

    has been added, thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Kevin

    Completed Updated dm_duel map suggestion

    applied & restarted server.
  19. Kevin

    Important Forum Update