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    Accepted JB Mass Piss and Mic Spam

    Current Steam name; Average cunt ID:STEAM_0:1:484513700 Which server the rule was broken on: Jailbreak US Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search:
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    Pending US JailBreak jb_crossroads_final_fix Freeday for Other Broken

    Just as the title says, on the map jb_crossroads_final_fix freeday for others is broken. It is given to the chosen people then removed for some odd reason.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    SourceBans Ban URL: Name of your Banned Steam Account: potatokiller234 Steam ID 32 (How to get your Steam ID 32: Click here): 76561198171990809 Date and Time of the Ban: 2021-03-04 19:35:51 Start...