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    I Shit My Pants

    I Shit My Pants
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    Your mother smells like wet bread
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    TF2 Blog Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Today is the day
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    Awaiting Feedback Official Gamenights on Panda Discord

    Minigames more like Mini-not cool games!
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    Completed Ban "Soccer Trivia"

    Naw man it is awesome!!!
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    Declined US JB MFK

    Ghost shade more like a person who is smelly and bad Shade!!
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    Solo you are very epic, but his soundboard was very funny. So, I can't agree with this report
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    Accepted Muted for laughing

    Crazy knowing you and how you play on this server I really doubt mic spam. I hope you get unbanned soon
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    Accepted JB Mass Piss and Mic Spam

    Current Steam name; Average cunt ID:STEAM_0:1:484513700 Which server the rule was broken on: Jailbreak US Any useful links such as their HLStats profile / SourceBans search:
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    Declined remove jb amazon jungle

    I agree that the map is indeed Sussy, though think about it for a second. What map lets reds leave on a helicopter, play with a ball in cells, has bad vents, a bonkers climb, SWEEPER, and to top it all off BUSHES? With this PROOF I can't agree with your "Logical Words"
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    Pending US JailBreak jb_crossroads_final_fix Freeday for Other Broken

    There were two blues left when the game round timer started to go down, but at the start of the round there might have been only one blue
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    Pending US JailBreak jb_crossroads_final_fix Freeday for Other Broken

    Just as the title says, on the map jb_crossroads_final_fix freeday for others is broken. It is given to the chosen people then removed for some odd reason.
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    I remember that I was trying to vote on a map and I clicked enable friendly fire. I was newer to the whole warden thing so I was unable to turn it off again, causing the death (You can see in chat I try to turn it off but have no idea). My bad and thanks for the quick response
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    Accepted Ban Appeal

    SourceBans Ban URL: Name of your Banned Steam Account: potatokiller234 Steam ID 32 (How to get your Steam ID 32: Click here): 76561198171990809 Date and Time of the Ban: 2021-03-04 19:35:51 Start...