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    Invalid deathrun ban

    @Stabbin did you really ban me for accidently skipping 1 trap on deathrun ? When others skipp trap, you just kill them, but when i do, im instantly banned. Thank you so much for being asshole on me
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    Pending Deathrun-> dr_cocainum rework

    Hi, i reworked dr_cocainum, you can look at the map if you want. Here are some changes: 1. First autotrap is replaced with activable trap that will push you into the sky and you will die 2. All doors are still the same but now when you go throught bad door, it will close. Also when you go to...
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    dr_cocainum rework

    Hello, I reworked dr_cocainum, you can test it if you want and maybe add it to the server. If you add it, i will be still updating it.