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  1. zaweraks [RUS]

    I want to create a clan on DR2

    A link to the topic , or to the page itself has created. Since I would like to create a Russian clan and take there purely Russian players that have guided people that this Russian player , and that maybe he does not understand them ... P.S. And yes, it again on Google Translate :wise:
  2. zaweraks [RUS]

    Ban on Deatran2

    Запрет на использование Bhop на этом сервере, то тогда почему, если дать ему запрет. Почти сделал сверху 1, а затем запретить ... извините ... хотя это не дает, но я хотел бы.: Руководитель: (Google translete)
  3. zaweraks [RUS]

    Declined Deadrun 2 Admine

    - Your name and/or nickname: zaweraks/zaw/Ivan - Your age: 18, 19 March - 19. - Your Steam2 ID (this is not simply a profile link. Look up what it is and how to get it; simply posting what you think it is makes you seem unprofessional): - Your general online times and your timezone: 3-4 hour...