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  1. Kevin

    Important US Network Maintenance

    Hi, just wanted to inform you guys that i'm doing a network maintenance on the US servers. Servers will be unavailable for up to an hour depending on how quick i can adopt the changes. I'll update this thread once done. Thanks.
  2. Kevin

    Pending Donator Perks

    Hi, just wanted to ask if there is anything that would you guys think would make donating abit more interesting/attractive? just curious, leave your opinion below. thanks.
  3. Kevin

    Declined Blocking of VPNs

    Hi, so i came to the conclusion against hackers using alts and vpn services to avoid being banned that we could've add a plugin which basically kicks people trying to join with a IP which is known to be from corporate services/proxies or vpn providers. though on the other perspective there may...
  4. Kevin

    News Changelog 04.08.2019

    added the following maps to all deathrun servers: dr_bazinga_v2 dr_bearun_b3 (suggested by @TriiX) dr_berlin_redux_v1 dr_dangerzone_fin2 dr_deadhome_v2_fix1 dr_foursquare_b1 dr_minefarm_redux_b7 dr_multirun_final1 dr_pathway_a13 dr_school_redux_v2bfix3 added a latespawn fix for arena based...
  5. Kevin

    News Changelog 31.07.2019

    removed the SGP FastDL and instead moved it to the new centralized machine to make administration easier updated the SGP servers (!ccc etc.) updated the LA server (!ccc etc.) updated so far all EU servers except the following: Deathrun 1 Freak Fortress 2 2Fort Mario Kart MGE 2 Dodgeball 2...
  6. Kevin

    News Changelog 29.07.2019

    removed jb_casuarina_b7_fixed removed ba_jail_wip_a6v4 partly deployed a fix for the custom chat colors not working (not already deployed on all servers due to pending restart, will update this thread once its done on all)
  7. Kevin

    News Changelog 25.07.2019

    added -0.7 voicecommand delay on all db servers added automated reset queue plugin on the vsh servers (/nohale) added AFK Manager on MGE servers added jb_orange_V4b added jb_district_a4 added jb_supermario_v13 added jb_bootcamp_v3 updated jb_snowday to v9 updated ba_chretien to v1z2 updated...
  8. Kevin

    Webserver maintenance

    Hi, just wanted to inform you all quick that i am doing some webserver migration today at around 23:30 (UTC +1). This means that the website and all related services will be then temporarily not available. Affected services: Forums SourceBans Staff Page Calladmin HLStats Plugins which...
  9. Kevin

    Happy New Year 2019!

    Hi Pandas, first of all i wish you all a happy new year and i'd like to thank everyone who supported and helped us last year and especially our @Gameserver Admin's aswell as the @Trial Gameserver Admin's and @Ron for the continuous support. Not everything has been running smoothly in 2018...
  10. Kevin

    Important Forum Update

    Hi, so as many of you already noticed the forum has been upgraded and aswell equiped with a new theme and logo aswell small other tweaks. As its still not done yet and bugs may exist i'll kindly ask all of you to report any bugs or aswell wishes which we should add/edit in this thread. Thanks.
  11. Kevin

    Forum Maintenance

    Hi Pandas, so the time as come that the forum gets an overall update. due to xenforo 1.5.x support ending somewhat end of 2019 i'll take the step ahead and upgrade our forums already this year to the 2.x.x version which gives not only a new fresh looking design (and logo ;)) but more important...
  12. Kevin

    News Changelog 13.10.2018

    updated dr_playstation to _final updated dr_supermonkeyball_v3_82 to _v4_1 updated dr_trump_tower to _fix added dr_blackmesa_v2 added dr_lazytown added dr_madlabs added dr_trump_tower_redux_v2a added dr_underworld_final added dr_whizzy_v4
  13. Kevin


    About is an annual charity live stream event benefiting Special Effect: the gamer's charity.
  14. Kevin

    News Changelog 13.01.2018

    Jailbreak: updated jb_jail_snowday_new_v4 to v5 Dodgeball: removed tfdb_tfdb_blockland_v6_a1 fixed miss spelling of the new maps in the cfgs Hightower x10 (#30): added afk manager as on #06-#10 disabled random crits disabled random spread
  15. Kevin

    Upcoming maintenance

    Hi, on the upcoming sunday (14.01.2018 somewhere late evening) i'm going to play in some critial system updates on our hypervisor nodes aswell on our dedicated game servers against the spectre/meltdown vulnerability which has been acknowledged a few days ago. i've started updating already a...
  16. Kevin

    News Changelog 08.01.2018

    General: removed over 150 expired donators and their perks (incase anyone is wondering why their perks are gone suddenly this might be due to expired perks but i'll create an seperate thread a bit later on today about the new donor situation) Dodgeball: updated tfdb_bitch_ass_panda to _a1...
  17. Kevin

    Trial Admin Promotions v6

    Hi pandas, just wanted to quickly announce the lucky people who just got promoted to full admin and aswell thus who got demoted so that everyone is up2date. Promotions: @Adoruby @Plague Knight @Absinthe @Left 4 Zelda @Pricholas @IceSoul congrats to thus listed above and appreciate your...
  18. Kevin

    News Changelog 18.12.2017

    VSH/FF2 EU+US updated vsh_yammoe_v4 to rc3 added vsh_gyros_v4 added vsh_mannopoly_a6 added vsh_brick_king_b8 fixed some server crashes related to classes
  19. Kevin

    Outage earlier this morning

    Hi, so as some of you may have noticed we had today at around 8:54 or so a global outage of our web-related services till around 10:58, since then everything has stabilised again and functions like it should. there was simply a loss of network connectivity to the upstream POPs due to a bug in...
  20. Kevin

    News Changelog 19.10.2017

    nothing major just a few updates for db until i can release the ff2 updates later on today if everything goes right. updated tfdb_redcourt_panda to a3 updated tfdb_bitch_ass_final (tfdb_bitch_ass_panda) removed tfdb_orangebox_b2 added tfdb_beandevil_panda added tfdb_catland_panda added...