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  1. Madact

    Accepted ban appeal

    No worries it's a false ban. Thank you for making this appeal ::): Accepted
  2. Madact

    Accepted Ban appeal

    All sorted, thank you for making the appeal ::): Accepted
  3. Madact

    Under Review Mooglets Admin Application

    That's all the feedback we need, putting this under review. Any inactivity during under review (as you've all ready stated here in the application) please let me know via forums pm, discord or steam. Any questions as well. Good luck ::):
  4. Madact

    Declined Salmon's Unmute/Un-Guard Ban Appeal

    Since I'm listed as one of the admins it defaults to me and I'm currently away. I've sent you an PM about this but figured it'd be best to post here to. Is there any previous appeals I should be aware of? I haven't looked at this case at all so when I get time this weekend it'll be quicker for...
  5. Madact

    Pending Ban appeal

    Completely forgot about this before I went away. Just an update I'll get back to you this weekend as you've shown me what I needed in private.
  6. Madact

    Accepted ban appeal

    @rockz Can you post the URL of your alt account(s) here on your appeal. I'll get to this at the weekend once I'm free.
  7. Madact

    READ ME How to report a player.

    Changes to Player reports: All player reports before this update post are still valid with the old ruleset on reporting. These changes are to stop the digging through chatlog. Warnings are an extra bonus, not a requirement. However certain reports may need a warning, particularly when it...
  8. Madact

    Pending Ban appeal

    Can you list your siblings account and why they where banned here. Also I need to add you to confirm a couple of things.
  9. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback FF2 maps

    Sorry but just the way that is. Not up for debate. I'll move that one into remove if no one disagrees. So about this I know there's two versions of the map. The original one where the secret room is much more difficult to get in and the other one is created by Berke where secret room is easy...
  10. Madact

    Declined VSH Suggestion | Maps

    I'm going to have to decline this idea. Thank you for the suggestion.
  11. Madact

    Panda Hunger Games w/ Feetpics Included? (Concept) Better example ::inlove:: It's been a long time since we've had one. Best to do them daily rather than all in one day. I know it's...
  12. Madact

    Accepted Perma ban appeal because duplicate account

    I've removed the general ban and the ip ban. You should be free to join again but if you get banned again due to this reason again please let me know. Thanks for taking your time to fill out an appeal ::): Accepted
  13. Madact

    Declined Admin Application

    Well the applicant has decided to retract their application. ::(: If you change your mind you cannot apply again until the 26th of July 2021.
  14. Madact

    Declined Admin Application

    Seems I'm going to have to comment to clear up what's happened. I've removed the conversation happening as it was starting to clog up the application with one small lined sentences that seemed more of a jab towards to the applicant than anything useful. About the BLW ban we are aware of it...
  15. Madact

    Declined Admin application #13

    The applicant has decided to retract their application due to lose of interest. If you wish to apply again, you will need to wait 1 month. 20/06/21
  16. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback #09 - Clarify the 'Deathrun Bhop' section of the rules.

    @Furken @Mikey @Solar @Nikola (maybe?) @Stabbin @Áðuruby Will need you guys to provide feedback. I believe we talked about this in a group chat and hoping you guys can respond officially to this. Is this something that needs to be done?
  17. Madact

    Declined Sticky traps ff2

    A lot of suggestions in the past come suggesting nerf's of damage when we'd need to know what ff2 plugin Kevin is using. Nobody has access to that so most likely this will never happen. I know that , after re-reading gamemode specific rules for FF2, demo with active stickies are allowed to...
  18. Madact

    Declined Player Report FF2 #13

    @Ennioggi Going to need a timestamp of when this happened (Exact time and date. Not just the date) and where you present on the server? Best to provide extra evidence instead of just linking to hlxstats chatlog.
  19. Madact

    Accepted Ghosting... #13

    @acethedragon Can you give a timestamp and where you present on the server? Next time please provide additional evidence other than a link to hlxstats chatlog
  20. Madact

    Accepted BAN

    Was a banned account 2-3 years ago that linked up with the IP you connected with. Most likely not you so I'll lift the punishment. Players make other accounts to break the rules and then switch accounts in order to avoid whatever punishment will come. There's nothing wrong with playing on...