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    Invalid Report

    this is his link to his account if that helps
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    Invalid Report

    Hey all, its been a bit since i played and i recently got a message from someone i remember who used to play on this server. If i have the format wrong or if i need to add something tell me. He has a "trade link" but if you look at the bottom it is clearly spelled wrong. And the story is...
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    Invalid Complicated Stuff I think

    One more thing, that is a real admin, they impersonate him on discors
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    Invalid Complicated Stuff I think

    Just read through the links. All id like to say is that those comments are real. So that was untouched
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    Invalid Plz read

    This is an offical admin's username. I wont be showing the rest as it contains sensitive information. 2 of my friends have been scammed by this person. I am trying to help them get their account back but I thought this might be helpful. Ive noticed a trend where the accounts become numbers and...
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    Invalid Plz read

    Sorry this is out of format but this is different: User: Unknown Report Reason: I was playing some hoi4 about 5 days ago, when a friend messaged me saying how he accidently reported me to an admin. I follow his steps and continue. I contact the "admin" on discord and he asks me to explain...
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    Do you like waffles.

    What are you talking about Im just hungry and Ive never eaten a waffle before.
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    Do you like waffles.

    If you are confused I do not understand how to consume waffles. Please tell. Im hungry
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    Does "first to finish gets lr" imply you have to finish?

    First to finish doesnt mean you have to finish. Boom close the thread.
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    Since you're not allowed to comment on an app giving them support. Id just like to say here I comepletely support ()W()eeb in his admin application. Some stuff should be changed like format but its all good. Oh I also have confirmation that ()W()eeb is working on something. Are they...
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    Do you like waffles.

    What does a thumbs up and hearts coming out if eyes mean? Do I require those? If so how?
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    Pending Jailbreak Megathread Gameplay Suggestions

    I understand where your coming from and it will probably be abused. It will probably make it easier for the gaurds but there aren't many things you can do in cell area for the entire round without LR. I think allowing games in Cell area would be fine because of rules and cell area only usually...
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    Do you like waffles.

    Do you consume waffles, if so how? I have not found an acceptable way to consume it yet.
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    UsJb Double Jump

    So there has been a problem with the double jump / triple jump with scout. It's been a problem for a while now, if I remember correctly about a week ago. Thought it was fixed but I guess not. If I get the opportunity I might share some screenshots, that's it, peace.
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    Greetings comrade, welcome to Communist Mexico- I mean the panda forms.
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    Accepted Ban for Duplicate Account?

    It might be useful to show the player the admin may/may not, have been confused by. That way they can distinguish you from the other account.
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    Obama speaks

    Ricky is on a new level. He has clearly ascended. We mere mortals question the words of the god.
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    Pending minisentry bug

    This works for JB too. I've tried it and the same thing happens. Pretty dumb ngl.
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    I forgot to introduce myself

    Me. Is all you need to know.