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  1. Da Random

    I created a functional cp map, still WIP

    Overview So as of now, I am working on a little project I thought would be a good idea. I have some things planned, but the layout is top priority right now. Gamemode: Control Points Map Name: cp_port Map Size: ≈6MB Recommended Number of Players: 16-24 (Can possibly be used to play 32 players...
  2. Da Random

    [April Fools Prank]What's this? No not you!

    The time has come my dear friends, I am very sorry for announcing this but I have to do it. I am resigning. And the reason for that is because I feel like I am not doing anything for the community, I have not been as active as I should and it disturbed me a bit. Sure I might've joined a server...
  3. Da Random

    I'm late to the introduction party, but w/e

    So, I thought I had a thread about myself where I introduced myself but I never actually made one. So I'll give my best shot to those that doesn't really know me personally. I am Known as Da Random widely around the web, but my real name is Jonatan and I am currently 15 years old by the time I...
  4. Da Random

    Important Can kebin haz birthday nao?

    We need to celebrate!
  5. Da Random

    Trapping players with buildings

    As of recent events that I've been playing on the trade server (ye, I know. I play way too much there..). I've come across that some players like to trap players in buildings where the "portals" (or trigger_teleport as it is called) exits for cheap kills. I know teamwork can be useful, but...
  6. Da Random

    [SERVICE] Custom Fully colored Sign requests

    Hello, I am doing any type of full colored imagery request that involves the Conscientious Objector and decal tools for a price of 1 reclaimed (+ the sign/decal tool if I have none available. If any of mine is available you will be charged accordingly to the prices.) Here is an...
  7. Da Random


    PLEASE ADD KEVIN ~In Kappa we trust~
  8. Da Random

    Jailbreak guards

    As I've lately started playing more jailbreak, I've felt that the guards to way too much damage. I have brought up this topic before, but now I am seriously annoyed about this. Even as a guard I feel like I am killing prisoners way too easy. So I am asking, what would you want to change the...
  9. Da Random

    BUYing Medic and heavy miscs

    I am buying medic and heavy miscs that includes as hats. I am particularly interested in "The Heat of Winter" "Weight Room Warmer" "The Hound Dog". I'm only buying for prices with pure metal. -CRAFTABLE ONLY-
  10. Da Random

    Valentine's Day Events

    So, today in school we got this little event called "secret buddies". Basically you have a small piece of paper with a name written on it and that person is the one you will be extra nice to (Well this'll be interesting...). (it was actually my secret crush that was written on it) So what are...
  11. Da Random

    Happy Birthday Danny

    Congratulations on your birthday @Danny , what did you get?
  12. Da Random

    Taunt + Beard for sale

    Ohai, I am currently selling the "Taunt: Rancho Relaxo" and the "All-Father" (PAINT: Peculiarly Drab Tincture) for's prices Rancho price ATM: 9 ref; All-Father price ATM: 1 Key (+ Peculiarly Drab Tincture ≈ 0.77 Refined) --- Paint value÷2 If you decide to pay using items and other...
  13. Da Random


    It's a classic (and really old game) named Corrupt-a-Wish, the point is one person starts and makes a wish, then there is another person granting the wish but at the same time corrupts it. Here is a little example (apologies if you think this is disturbing, but this is only a game. and nothing...
  14. Da Random

    School and your opinions

    Do you have thoughts about school and how it sucks/rocks? Well, guess what I just made this thread to post your joy-/angerness of your school/studying place. The anger/joy from this is insane (depending on country aswell), since some schools aren't even teaching anything. and some teach things...
  15. Da Random

    Movie time!

    Hello there, as you might've noticed in the name, this thread is about posting recommendations of movies you (probably) watched lately. You don't need to explain alot about the movie (infact nothing at all, because you can just google the movie), but it would be appreciated with the title/DOP.*...
  16. Da Random

    Magic Ammo

    Hello, so I just noticed that some weapons on Jailbreak gives you ammo when you are a prisoner, e.g. the Fortified compound. it just disturbs me so much and I really want this fixed ~Da Random P.S. I know panda didn't create Jailbreak, but it should be fixed anyways.
  17. Da Random

    Jailbreak Manager System

    So, we have all been there in Jailbreak (ba_chretien_v1c) once right? Freekillers, Teamkillers, Random Friendly Fire for no reason etc. My idea is to make some sort of bot that automatically kicks/bans player depending on the situation - i.e. Having a program or script of some sort, that when...
  18. Da Random

    Inverted Weapon Stats!?!

    So, I just came up with the idea for inverted item stats. How sick everything would be, For example. Bazaar's Bargain Base Charge Rate increased by 20% Each scoped bodyshot or hit decreases the weapons charge rate. A scoped headshot or miss will remove the bonus. Post your ideas below :D:
  19. Da Random

    Jailbreak - A very weird bug

    So when I play jailbreak, I notice that. When the warden gets backstabbed by a spy, he CTD. This is a quite an old one, but I would really like to know how it happens. Since when I go warden I crash, the weird thing is that when the spy backstabs, the sound of a Razorback is played. Any ideas?
  20. Da Random

    That one song that wont go away...

    So we all have that one song that just wont go away because it is so good. What is YOURS? Mine is: Safe and sound - Capital Cities --- Totally not a reference to TF2's Engineer hat "Safe'n'Sound" :D: