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  1. ForgotHowToAim

    Peoples settings in DB

    Hi, just curious what settings people prefere in TF2DB I'll list some of my settings and modifications that is my preferance while playing TF2DB In mouse settings on the pc i use nr 6 and no mouse acceleration Mouse My DPI is 1400 with a Steelseries Rival 700 And my last mouse...
  2. ForgotHowToAim

    Seams like i never introduced myself when i joined

    Hello everyone. I have played on the dodgeball servers for a coupple of years now, mostly just chilling. Usaly also just friendly and mostly silent (tho i do talk if others talk) coupple of people know me allready, but just thought i wuld dropp a post Keep gaming gamers and have a good time...
  3. ForgotHowToAim

    wellcome to 2020

    just wish to wellcome everyone i know in the DB community to the new year :)