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  1. Teddi

    Pending Teddi App

    Both of my previous applications got retracted by my for losing my interest in tf2 in general. (and the first one a convo between me and another regular who made me feel quite insecure) however I feel confident As of now I dont have school for the upcoming 6 months, alot of free time basically...
  2. Teddi

    Experience With People/ Relationship

    @Trixie @Hellboy Lets watch gay fisting porn again sometime soon
  3. Teddi

    Pending Teddi App

    - Your name and/or nickname My name is Thymo, also known as Teddi. - Your age Im 17 years old. - Who gave you permission to apply? (applies to applicants under 15 or those who apply for servers not listed in the "Available positions" thread) The server I am willing to apply for is looking for...
  4. Teddi

    hApPy BiRtHdAy PnN <3

    hApPy BiRtHdAy PnN <3
  5. Teddi

    battle royale

    battle royale
  6. Teddi

    Invalid rae's application

    You need a minimum of 3 days playtime on each server you apply for. DB #1 DB #2 Hightower #1 Hightower #2 VSH
  7. Teddi

    Donator rights

    This is what fanthom said and I think it also will count for you ;-)
  8. Teddi

    Hello :v

    lol am late like always kek lol im teddi, i swear heater
  9. Teddi

    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
  10. Teddi

    Gefeliciteerd :)

    Gefeliciteerd :)
  11. Teddi

    Under Review Application for Deathrun

    Tagging the admins @Adoruby @Nope. @Stabbin @A Wild Tryhard @Ranger Ciri
  12. Teddi

    Music in motherlanguage

    tering, dat kriebelt LOL
  13. Teddi

    Ew, hello c:

    hello, im teddi and i rape @Not TBotV63 in dogball
  14. Teddi

    Happy New Year 2019!

    happy easter!
  15. Teddi

    Screen Flickering, help

    It's because of your dxlevel, I've had the same issue before when I changed it, so I think you can only fix it by changing back to I think it was DirectX 9.0. that's the only option I know
  16. Teddi


  17. Teddi

    i probs broke my knuckle, merry christmas

    i probs broke my knuckle, merry christmas
  18. Teddi

    Christmas Giveaway NOT Clickbait

    Wait I think you should be available to receive the keys. I think you're just not allowed to send stuff, you should just try @TekkitFappit
  19. Teddi

    Christmas Giveaway NOT Clickbait

    I can accept them and then when you're allowed to trade I'll trade them to you :kappa: @TekkitFappit