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  1. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Can we have a Zombie Survival server?

    I'll task this up, see if Kevin is interested. Actually does anybody have a link for me to this plugin?
  2. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Stephen's FF2 Boss Suggestions + Balancing

    Ok I've added a better poll (kinda) so I know what's going on. I don't see nerfing happening. We use to have someone to do that yeah lmao. It's better to just either keep or remove the boss.
  3. Madact

    Pending Heather's VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    3 maps from here, plus 2 from other threads you've made have been added to the list. I've skipped out on Backlot as it didn't get the votes. All threads will now be closed and pending. Any additional threads about this will be stacked on the task I made.
  4. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Voting System on vsh server

    Nominate would have to be altered for je hooft's idea and with roar's comment I don't see this going anywhere. It's been a topic before but mainly by regulars who are bored and annoyed of people just pressing 4. Use to be 1, till Kevin changed it. Now that's not enough regulars want more. How...
  5. Madact

    Pending Jailbreak VSH LR

    I've added this as a task to test this. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Madact

    Declined Admin Application for the DR EU Server

    With receiving feedback from @Stabbin I believe I am safe to do this. The deathrun team don't believe you're well suited for the position so this will be declined. Feel free to reapply 1 month from now. Take what advice you can on board if you wish to have a chance. Thank you ::):
  7. Madact

    Pending Banned

    With the rule changed it's possible this can be taken seriously. Anybody have any big objections over this or can the unban occur? I can monitor his chatlog in a couple of weeks / months if this is accepted. Also he has a permanent teamban for mass freekilling still placed, that will have to...
  8. Madact

    Pending Ban Appeal

    Can someone link me up to the unmute appeal from his first permanent mute(the one that was accepted)? I can't seem to find it via the steamid or looking at posts from this forum account. I'll sort the gag out if @Pricholas is cool with that. I'll consult jb team once we figure out where the...
  9. Madact

    Accepted 2nd Un-Guardban Appeal

    Well I haven't heard anything bad and everybody seems to want the unban. So here's your second chance. Keep in mind, if you are found breaking blue team rules again you could receive a permanent blue team ban without warning and if valid you cannot appeal for it in the future. With that you'll...
  10. Madact

    Declined Hacker

    I've moved the thread to the proper area. Also we're going to need the steamid and name of the reported player otherwise we cannot continue. Here's the template: Current Steam name. SteamID (Unique ID on GameME). The rule or rules they broke. The evidence that they broke the rule or rules...
  11. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback New rule for "new" plugin

    Huh weird, I recently kicked someone for doing this. I'd class it as a form of advertisement. We need a proper rule for this? Maybe an extension to one current? As part of an example? Suggestions welcome.
  12. Madact

    Pending Weird HHH axe
  13. Madact

    Pending VSH balance ideas

    This is now in the list under 'Bugs' category. I've pointed out there is a demo, but if it can't be an easy fix I don't see this getting done.
  14. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Top speed [DB]

    This possible @Not TBotV63 ? I know not much is being done, but I need to know.
  15. Madact

    Pending Heather's VSH Map Suggestion Thread

    I'm not sure how to tally this up as there is no 'No' option for each one of these maps. How about if they hit 8 votes, they get added. But if they have people openly against them in the comment then they won't be.
  16. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback New Command

    Seems pointless, but a poll has been added. You all ready have hug and kiss and I don't see the need to then add a third one considering how people can get upset over the first two.
  17. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Can we use the New and fixed maps on Deathrun?

    If no links are provided I'm going to have to toss this one in the archive. @Ligma doctor or any deathrun admin.
  18. Madact

    Pending Allow new Soda Popper to be used on Jump

    I'm assuming the link tbot gave is what is requested in this thread. Seeing as though jump doesn't really have a decent playerbase is worth trying out whatever is new for players. I've added it to the list.
  19. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback New "No Baiting as Hale" rule on #5 VSH

    I have no idea what I'm looking at. Can someone give me a tldr? Possible all ready written out rule? Or is this not relevant anymore? @Roar @Matth
  20. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Minimum playtime to be on blue

    Is this possible? Link? Volunteer to sort it out?