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  1. Madact

    Accepted Hacking

    He's vac'd now and it's a throw away account, but I'll place the the ban anyways. Thank you for the report ::):
  2. Madact

    Accepted Camping Hale

    Yeah that's camping, clear warnings done by Magglet. Pretty clear this user needs a punishment. Thank you for the report ::):
  3. Madact

    Accepted NSFW Spray

    The reported user has been spraybanned. Thank you for the report ::):
  4. Madact

    Accepted Got muted and gagged forever

    So we're clear on this, you cannot speak any other language than English. This can also include singular words. If you want to talk to a user in another language, add them and speak privately there. I'll give the chance and undo both. But If I find you typing non english in chat during my...
  5. Madact

    Gag appeal

    Didn't really join as much as I would hope, but you did make the effort and I can always keep an eye on your chat log in the future ::P:: If you end up breaking communication rules again, you may end up with both gag and mute placed back on without a chance of appealing. Make sure you're well...
  6. Madact

    Under Review Random Coffee Table's NYJB Admin app

    Going to close this up for under review, anything new that comes up about the applicant or a change in vote message me. Any questions or upcoming inactivity let me know. Good luck ::):
  7. Madact

    On Hold VSH/FF2 sniper nerf idea

    Yeah the votes aren't exactly clear. Some maybe for FF2 and some maybe for VSH. I'll only consider VSH for this. Think it is best to see how the class limit will pan out first before nerfing sniper further. Would like to thank @tres for looking and maybe this can be looked into later on if the...
  8. Madact

    Pending Prophunt #21 - Remove spookyfeud; swap desolation rc1

    Well our prophunt server kind of dead, so I don't mind putting up any improves towards servers that don't get much love. Task #189 Remove spookyfeud, add desolation rc1 in it's place for Prophunt
  9. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback Add Vsh Golfo Beach?

    @Matth I'd like to know your vote for this
  10. Madact

    Pending Map update 4 better balance ( vsh bianco hills v6 beta )

    Task #188 Update vsh bianco hills
  11. Madact

    Awaiting Feedback New rule about erotism/sexualising in chat

    It's rather subjective this. I have a feeling if a rule is placed it can be taken the wrong way by players and admins alike (like the capital letters rule) if it is not clearly defined. So what's the suggestion? Make a rule? I'd like to see some examples of this. Perhaps in a rule that...
  12. Madact

    Declined Ban noisemakers?

    Poll is pretty clear on this. Declined.
  13. Madact

    Pending I made a VSH map. Could it be added?

    Added to task #116 Add these maps to VSH
  14. Madact

    Vsh Medic

    This isn't exactly a suggestion, more feedback / dicussion otherwise it would come with a suggestion of what to change. So I'm moving this into the VSH folder. If you want it to be taken seriously, come up with a solution of what to change with the proper setting that needs changing to do so...
  15. Madact

    Pending Update dr_stardust

    I've made a task for updating maps on deathrun. Feel free deathrun staff and regulars to let us know when maps need updating. No need for a poll. Any issues with the updates let us know and we'll sort it. Task #187 Update these maps on deathrun
  16. Madact

    Accepted Unban request

    So yeah this is the user that was involved a bit with the Kaz saga due to Kaz reporting them. Seems they raged at Kevin due to someone insulting his nationality. So that's why they acted like they did that led to their permanent gag. Kevin wasn't having it, probably insulted Kevin so he gave...
  17. Madact

    Under Review Random Coffee Table's NYJB Admin app

    Pretty much sorted the appeal out thanks to Kevin's swift response to handle that appeal, so I'll reopen the application up. Wanted to say, I do like this applicant despite their past. Their responses are incredibly mature and they've handled their mishaps like a champ. But since I'm not that...
  18. Madact

    Pending Farmer unban appeal

    Well just can update on this. I've contacted the user in order to get this sorted but they've ignored my request to do so. I have however received a response from Silorak (The admin who originally did the ban) with information about this user. This one does have evidence, but not of the...
  19. Madact

    Declined xoteh's second ban appeal

    I think what probably made this out of control is when you made a comment on our discord saying that you will do your next video on Panda Community, like what you did for >insert other TF2 community here, hi benedevil and noodl<. Looking at your youtube account I realised what you meant and shut...
  20. Madact

    Accepted Unban request

    I've added you @Shadow Frenzy to confirm something. Message me once you've added me.