Hi there! This female nub from Finland needs some attention ::): Lemmie tell something about me. I am an artist, I really like to create stuff like SFM posters, smileys , banners etc, so I am really creative person and I am creator of Panda smileys. Also I love to play differents video games and my favourite games are Team fortress 2, Titanfall and killing floor. Also sometiems I play Wow, LoL and others MOBA games. I like to spend my time with forums and chatting with people.

My personality, well it is really fucked up, I like to watch weird videos, pictures and stuff, also I have small "project" called "Remember always", where I make really creepy pics ::S::. I am curious person, I love to seek new stuff and try to find new stuff on different place. I mostly like to decorate sites/forums/different profiles pages. Also, I cant do anything without music, being more productive and active I need my music. So now we are talking about my music taste eh?~ I listen different style music, dupstep to Rammtein but mostly I hate gayish boybands.

Feb 5, 1992 (Age: 28)
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