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  • It may not be as good as a friends unboxing, but I rather would have something than nothing.


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    Saturday, one of the best and worst days of the weekend. The best because it is the one day that feels like a day off, and the worst because it is next to Sunday, which is next to Monday. But Saturday was named after "Saturn's Day" the time of the Romans. In this case, no later than the 2ne century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day. According to Vettius Valens that is.
    Finally coming here more often because of how tired I have been. And also panda community doesn't like my internet very much, so I tend to forget a lot. But from the birthday wishes, I thank you guys very much.
    Hey, since I am not doing anything, anyone who wants to answer, what songs do you like? I might give a listen. Personally my favorite lately has been "All Eyes on Me by OR3O"
    It's Sunday.

    According to translation and a bit of research, Sunday comes from the old word "Sunnandæg", which comes from the Germanic "dies solis" or, in this case "sun's day". The Germanic and Norse mythology anthropomorphize the Sun as the godess Sunna or Sòl.
    On Friday, I am a lil less busy, but it is a good time for Fries, luckily I am gonna be glin to a place where there is infact I will be goin to a BBQ place with fries.
    Also apparently Friday, researching this, says that today is "day of Frige", being a result of an old convention associating Germanic godess Frigg with the Roman godess Venus. More or less, each Friday is a convention for the.
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