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  • Stop, drop
    And drag me into place
    And lock the fire escapes
    I'll break your pretty face
    (Yeah, yeah)
    Oh, you clever little things
    The sycophantic teens
    What a precious basket case
    (Yeah, yeah)
    Now shut your dirty mouth
    If I could burn this town
    I wouldn't hesitate
    To smile while you suffocate and die
    And that would be just fine
    And what a lovely time
    That it would surely be
    So bite your tongue
    And choke yourself to s
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    Reactions: Heather
    What is this IDKHBTFM nerd doing on my profile
    I'm still young.
    I'm still young.
    oh wow I actually know from which song this is
    Okay, I was in my local movie Theatre, watching cars 2 if memory serves me correctly, I had snuck in a bowl of baked beans, because nothing makes intense animated car chases better than baked beans, boom, a commercial for a scary movie came on, which made me jump spilling my baked beans all over my legs, now a teen sat infront of me noticed the commotion and yelled "yo this dudes eating beans" everybody Laughed. rats
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